Friday, January 26, 2018

One of my pledges for the start of the year was to declutter

I have over 2000 saved articles in Feedly... my gawduh... that is some serious catching up to do.... so over the last few weeks I have been going through them and I have to sit back and take stock in what I thought was important say like 7 months ago.  It looks like Summer reading lists was big on my mind.  I have this sorta book club that started out strong... but I think we read the same book that we all wanted to and then it just say... pooped out.  I am not surprised.... I mean we all get busy but I am honest when I say I am bummed out a little bit.  I thought that it would be the way to reground our group's friendships and find some additional common ground but after that first book, we all kinda just went our different ways. 

So that was and is a bummer.

So today and tonite I am literally opening up the links that look interesting and if they are valuable to read later  (that it to me) I am putting them in a folder on my pinterest and then in a few weeks I will go and cull from there again.  

Tonite F has a show and I plan to go through old boots.  I have so many old pairs of shoes that I will never ever ever wear again that are in amazing shape.  I need to open up that space in my world and get rid of them.  One pair of boots I have been saving because (and I am serious here) I wore them to a retail store opening I was involved in, went to meet some friends after and then I went out of my comfort zone in a situation (it wasn't necessary a good thing but brave-ish I suppose) so they sit in my closet to remind me that I took a chance that evening.  So seriously... I have all this really awesome paper on a roll that I am going to use as a backdrop... take a picture... print it... label it ... frame it or make a printed book.. and send off to be reworn by someone new.... maybe they will their Brave Boots too....   Honestly declutter my world man.  

I was thinking about those boots the other day and thought ... wow they are hidden in the back of our closet and why?  Oh yeah "that night"... but why are they still in my closet... so I am going to unclutter all this stuff and the sentimental garbage is getting in the way of some things.  Yes it brings me joy and I am not doing the konmari method (seriously I read that book and wanted to punch myself in the face for reading it... it was annoying to me)... but I can find much more interestingness with the photo than anything for sure.

I am also going through clothes.  I am sucking it up and admiting to myself I will never ever ever be a size 10 pant again.  Ever.  I just can't starve myself like I did then to get to that size.  The size 10 skirts are never going to fit. The size medium shirts are not either.  Pictures too are going to be made tonite.  Square format.  Large resolution.  It just has to be done.  

I have over 100 shoe boxes , the clear kind, in my upstairs closet that I am never going to use... out.  I don't think I will take pictures of those though.

It will be my project tonite after I get rid of like 100 more saved articles.  

By the way, I have some big emotional shit going on right now.  I am tender.  I am worried about family.  So flippin worried.  Everything will be fine I hope but I am being tender with my memories too because it's all so precarious.  I am totally being vague but that is playing into some of this purging I have going on and wanted that noted.  

Have a great weekend.... 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

My Grandma would be impressed.

Women's Gold - 
From the State Capital Art work site:  This wall hanging is a tribute to the historical achievements of Colorado's women. It is entitled "Women's Gold" because of the yellow roses found in mining camps by gold seekers. 
Located in the NE Rotunda

When I was a pre teen... my grandma P and I used to needlepoint.  She was a master and with time and arthritis had to give it up.  I remember when I was in fifth grade the Denver Needlepoint Guild (here is a link to a current chapter... I have no idea what chapter Grandma was a member of) had a project that they took around the city to have people install their own stitches into this project.  It was a history project about the  women of Denver done in needlepoint that eventually made it's way into the State Capital (see above - not my picture, from the Capital site.

I remember, so warmly, how proud I was when my Grandma brought the project to my school and some friends made some stitches and I did too.  I donated (via my grandma) a small star to go on a stitched necklace for Florence Wisebart Jacobs image on the project too.

This morning when I was flipping through some old saved links in my read later folder I came across this post from Poppytalk.  And then I dove deeper into A.Mao's Etsy site  and just had to take a moment to remember and post about that above.  It's a great memory and I think it should be remembered.

And as an aside.... I really to think my Grandma P would be so impressed with the use of the LEDs and the updated take on the art.  She was pretty progressive and liked to see modern takes on almost everything and would try them too.    

My friend L and I keep talking the talk about going to "foul mouthed cross stitch" at a local brewery here called (ironic to this post at least) Grandma's House.  I am a little more inspired to try and get my act together and just get my butt down there to try and remember how much I used to like that.  I was crafty back then.  

I don't have time to get fully immersed again as I do tend to do when I pick something up... but it would be fun and a great nod to what I used to do.  

At least once in 2018 I am going to go down and do it.  Cross Stitch then maybe embroider some flowers around it?  I dunno.... but this has me meloncoly and actually thinking about how much fun my Grandma would have going to a brewery to embroider/cross stitch and maybe adding an LED or two.  She would find it a heck of a lot of fun I am sure.  .  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Review: Wanda Jackson- Every Night is Saturday Night

Every Night Is Saturday Night: A Country Girl's Journey To The Rock  Roll Hall of FameEvery Night Is Saturday Night: A Country Girl's Journey To The Rock  Roll Hall of Fame by Wanda Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed.

It was like a one sided chat with the star.

Now that being said, it wasn’t all that great but it wasn’t all that bad either. I know that this is a trend to have a musician tell stories and then have a writer reconstruct them into a narrative. This is not a new method, and it is super personal so I am glad that they chose to have the book written this way. I think that I have a little bit of an advantage here too because I have had the pleasure of listening to a conversation/interview with her many years back. So I am blessed with having the luxury of hearing her voice in my head some of the time while reading the book. So there is that.

About halfway through the book though I almost gave up. It was so so very conversational it was relentless and sometimes really rambling. A little more scene setting or history of a location would have been a little nice break. In my head all I could see was Wanda Jackson sitting at a tape recorder for hours and hours with no break just telling stories and someone sitting in front of her taking dictation... it almost became a distraction.

So I put the book down, skipped chapters 15 and 16 and picked it back up again. I just needed to mentally get past a hurdle I was encountering. I don’t know what it was.

She talked about her struggles with motherhood, her struggles with some of the choices that she made, Elvis (not as much dirt as you would expect, but remember Wanda Jackson first and foremost is a lady), her family, her great love Wendell and most importantly her love for music.

One important thing that I did understand of Ms. Jackson after reading this music, is that she loves what she does. She loves music, she loves playing music, she loves performing, recording and entertaining. The language really sparkles when she talks about all of these things.

And that is the simple joy of this book. If you are a fan of Wanda Jackson you will enjoy her tales, if you are looking to hear tales about life on the road for a female musician you will enjoy her tales, if you are looking for many interesting life stories you will enjoy this book. I did really enjoy hearing in her “voice” how she saw working in the music business. I found though that as I was reading the book I wanted to know just a little more. I know Ms. Jackson is immensely talented, kind and a work horse, but..... the picture painted just is a little too easy. I find it really hard to believe that the industry she worked in treated her well and kindly out of the gate. Yes, she is beautiful, yes, she can play a guitar and sing and roar... but... and here is my big question... was it really as easy as it seems? Maybe “Daddy” hid her from the sexism. Maybe and that is why she doesn’t discuss it. Maybe it really didn’t happen. I have to take her word.

It was an easy read, there isn’t a lot of dish here.

She talks very openly about her trials and tribulations and finding her Lord, which is who she is so know that going in. She is a woman of faith. She is a kind woman. She is Wanda Jackson.

And really there aren’t many like her left so the book is a great summation of her life told as if you were sitting across a table from her with a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.

Here is a quote from the Preface that really sums up what the ride reading this book is all about and how Wanda wants her readers to go along with her.... “I associate music with fun and laughter and warm feelings. Going to those Saturday night dances with my folks was a wonderful time in my life. I didn’t want Saturday night to end. I just had to figure out how I was going to live my life in a way that made that feeling last. Sometimes I chased the wrong things in that pursuit, but I never lost sight of throwing a party for my fans at every show. I don’t care if it’s a Tuesday or a work night, or a school night; if you come to a Wanda Jackson show, every night is Saturday night.”

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Watching the slow burner : One Mississippi on Amazon and climbing out of the hole of 2017

Sigh.... it's so so very good.  I am four episodes in and it makes my emotions burst right open.

I am not a big fan really of Tig Nitaro ... I should say I wasn't really a big fan.  The dry humor and humanity is slaying me.  This show captures LA (as in Louisiana not Los Angeles because ew.... the people weren't as nice) as I would imagine it to be from my small experience.  Anyways.  It's really pretty amazing of a little show.  

It's a nice way to wrap up a year of inhumanity and icky people all around me influencing me in not so great ways.  

I hate that every conversation is predicated with politics.  I hate that I left Facebook because it permeated every post that I was force fed from the Zuck.  I hate that algorithms and outside sources that I have absolutely no control over determine what I learn about what is happening in this world. So will go back to made up universes of quirky slightly beyond sad people that are slowly doing their best to climb out of those holes.

Because I think it's a metaphor unbeknownst to me when I started watching that it's where we are all at right now.

Whether its our (my opinion here are in parens.... my opinion ok) jacked up elected officials, both local and national, our economy (which is think is going to crash hard here soon... at least locally... there is no way our city can sustain this growth... no way), our infastructure (now that there is a law with tax cuts there is no money to fix what is broken... see national dummies f'n shit up), sex scandals and harassment scandals left and right (I mean I want to start a pool to see who is next and what woman will be the first to be accused... it's going to happen and part of me is YAY and part of me is YAWN... AND?) and (seriously this does actually weigh heavily on me from day to day) the gawddamn amount of great podcasts out there to listen to.

We are all just trying to get through it.

I am here for you.  I am an ear if you need it.  

It's Tuesday after Christmas 2017 and I am starting my goal setting for 2018 today so that I can dig out of this mess of borderline depression I was in most of the year.  The holiday season this year almost put me over the edge.  I was so anxiety ridden by it all I really did go into seclusion of sorts.  I hid from friends, worked with headphones on (not really listening to anything) and couldn't concentrate on much.  I faced it.  I didn't apologize and claimed it but I have to set goals to get out of it so that is what I am working on starting today.

Fez joked about going shopping today since he doesn't have to work... I joked back that yeah it would be great to go to Kohl's, Target, the Mall and the Outlets today... we should and then I came back up stairs and printed out a calendar and am working on putting a planner together that is frankensteined from ideas from other ones that I have paid for thoughout the years that I have liked but never 100% done.   The perfect one is out there.  Last year I found a couple and only 1 is offering a pdf which is HUGELY disappointing but I suppose they anticipate folks will want to pay and use for a year.  I use one element and then meh.  

BUT BUT BUT... if you really want to know what I have stuck with... Ms. Angela Trinidad has herself a gorgeous business plan, outlook and design asthetic and I do love her Passion Planner.  I have backed her many Kickstarters but honestly and this is where my inability to commit to a planner/calendar comes in... never actually used her planner... My GAWD.... I heart her though... so much.

My MiL has one of the full size and I looked at it yesterday... it is actually pretty nice and pretty close to what I would want.  I may have to check into the smaller 5 x 8 size.... I have a Blue Sky Day Designer that I use daily for the list making stuff... but I only use really the two bigger columns... and lets be clear here the time column only has the check in time at the office and the box list is my to do or what I have accomplished... I do not use the other goal type fields... so I am VERY uncommitted.  

Sigh. But like the characters on the show... I am finding my way... slowly and hopefully entertainingly. 

More to come... 

Saturday, December 02, 2017

So I have been screamingly happy not being part of the massive machine that is a couple of things in my previous life (ie:  a short couple of months ago).
I posted about deleting facebook.  Now I am going to come clean about something else.

About two summers ago I was invited to a friends how to do some card making.  I wasn't really sure if I was going to like it. But it was an afternoon off work with some people from the office and it allowed me to network and get out of my comfort zone as far as that goes.  And that day I fell hard. In lurve (as they say).  I spent Thanksgiving weekend knocking out my holiday cards for this year.  It was amazing to do and not be distracted by social media. I used supplies that I had even.  Booyah!  I am learning better to use what I have.  It really is a skill... I enjoy the shopping and shlepping and trying out of new things... but I have to say... using what I have is so satisfying.

Today I will address them and and tommorrow I will be mailing... hopefully everything will get into people's mail boxes and they will be happy ... as happy getting the card as I was making them.  

This is the kind of socialization I have re-learned to enjoy... it's a little more time consuming but certainly much much more satisfying.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


So seriously. I quit faceschmook like two months ago.\Maybe more. All I know is I am happier, more productive and truthfully not missing it for a minute.

I logged into Spotify and kablam I am now logged into faceschmook after downloading and deleting my account. WTF book of the face I mean seriously?

So I am dumping Spotify too.  

My goodness it shouldn't take an act of treason and ties to Putin to get the book of face to just go the f away right?  Oh wait... face schmook likes the Russia and the Putin.  Google and Blogger probably do too now that I think about it.... never you mind that place to post a thought every now and again (blogger)... I love you. 

I would go back to live journal but you know how that ends too.. in tears for the Zoester basically. At least they don't hide that they are owned by a Russian entity and have been for years and years... amen to clear disclosure. I have to respect that but I am not posting there because honestly... don't data mine my content Russia.  Google uses Blogger to data mine content I get that and I know that and honestly it is one more reason that I don't post here as much as I used to. 

BUT THIS IS ABOUT not being able to actually get rid of my fb account and having it log in over and over again.  So this is what happens so you are aware if you run into this.  Any site you use a facebook log on for will activate your account.  I totally forgot that is how I logged onto Spotify.  That was the only way when they started in the US from Europe that you could get an account... now you can register an email (which I have done with another account).  Makes 100% perfect sense, but if you have cookies that store passwords... it will log you into fb if that is the method you use.  It's a great UI feature and keeps you tied to the "social network" but I want out.  And that means ta ta Spotify.  Ta Ta FB.  I'm good with our breakup... can we stay broken up?  I hope so.  

Anyways... I basically tonite had to go into "my account" that was supposed to be gone and get rid of it again.  What a pain in the butt. 

Hopefully it will stick this time.  

Seriously... I wouldn't have had any idea but I have an email folder that I used to use (but totally forgot about) for messages and there were new emails in there.  So that was my tip off. 

Note that no matter what ... and I know this... nothing on the interwebs really ever goes away even if you click all the buttons for it to.

Which means all the accounts that someone signs me up for (well not me but my email address) math tutoring and some other social networks for little kids will always show my email address.  I actually do go in and change the password when it happens and hope that it notifies a secondary email address... but it probably doesn't.  

Oh well ... farewell again book of the face... farewell to your shitty algorithms determining what I see and what I don't and forcefeedingmebadads.  Farewell to all that again and again and today AGAIN.


Thursday, October 05, 2017

yeah... so...

I have been the book of face free for about a week and a half.  Its been amazing.
I have not missed it one stupid bit for not one stupid minute for not one stupid post about our miserable president.  

That is what put me over the edge a few weeks back.  Honestly I couldn't take all that misery.  So I backed that hot mess of 10 years of posts up and deleted my account.  Whoosh.  Painless.  I had one millisecond of hesitation.... not gunna lie.  It's kinda the best way that I keep in touch with my Aunt. BUT.... honestly.... I have her phone number and can text her.  And I should.  Anyways.

I have found more time to do things.  Honestly.  I am 100% more productive at work.  I am shocked beyond belief that company's don't block that shit.  It's such a time suck.  And resource suck too.... like I want to know the memory suck on servers for site reloads.  Anyways that is the geek in me coming out.  But seriously.  MORE TIME TO DO THINGS.

It's a gift.  Such a gift. Suck It Face Schnook.  No longer a lemming and it is magic.  Stupid fun magic.

Yeah I get that this is social media too, but I barely post here and no one interacts with me here either so that doesn't hurt.

I read a couple of books.  I finally read Driving Mr. Albert.  I had that in my queue for years.  Bought the book probably when it came out in paperback originally.  Started to read it and then put it down and forgot about it. Then my library list gently reminded me I should finish what I started.  So there is that.

Not bad.  Not really what I expected so much... but I finished it and that is the accomplishment. 

Right now I trying to start something... I have four books on my kindle ready for me to start them, the problem is choosing.  I shouldn't do that to myself.  I should pick one book at a time and dive in but I haven't been able to get to that yet.  I have three major training things I have to do for work and that really should be my focus.  Really... it should. But it's not.  

I also cut out like half of the subscriptions or boards that I follow on Pinterest too.  I have to get all the clutter out of my life.  Engage on a more personal level.  That is the goal I suppose.  

Also I have to add this.... I am trying to cook more.  

Just the quick and dirty little update. 

Say hi if you want.... otherwise I will be sitting in the corner trying to choose what to read next.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Just found the most ridiculous thing online today.

Because I can't be trusted to post on social media anymore.... look my public post on the book of face if you want to see me in full rage mode.... I have to post shit like this.

I was searching for a version of Lost in the Supermarket that I wanted to hear without dredging out my hard drive.  So I searched Amazon.  And oila wouldn't you know? Magic.

But honestly this was what I was looking for:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and OrganizingThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondō
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I checked the book out from the library. I was ready for this to change my life. But ... and I am sorry to say this.... I thought it was tremendously boring. I was not inspired, I wasn't taken by the ideas presented nor did I find it all that great.

I have found better organizing and planning articles on Pinterest that adopts some of the ideas presented in the books.

Maybe I am a list girl... maybe I am not inspired to de-clutter by paragraph after paragraph... chapter after chapter fixating on what the author has done since she was 5 and making me feel like she is looking down on me for having a closet full of Pez in bags and boxes.

A HUUUUUGE meh from me.

Here is a link to : Pinterest : KonMari Method (much more visual which is what I need I guess). . I guess I am more a visual learner than 205 pages of words only for something like this.

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Sunday, May 07, 2017

White FurWhite Fur by Jardine Libaire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a journey. The book opens in the first chapter with some nepharious ideas and circumstances that the rest of the book unfolds into. I really really enjoyed this book.

It was sexy yes.... but also truly what every 20 year old feels with that first obsessive love that many experience about that time.  It really rang so very true for me.  I didn't personally go as far as Elise did or even would but I was reading and thought huh... that sounds real.  It was not that far fetched. And the book isn't all sex like some of the reviews I have also read push.  It's a relationship.

When I was given the opportunity to read it (thank you so much Hogarth Publishing) I had an idea of what I thought this book would be. I was wrong. Very very wrong. Ms. Libaire took me on a journey of love, education, auctions, food, and some of the sights and sounds (and smells) of NYC.

Secretly a highlight was the mention of The Holiday.... not sure if she meant the bar that I know of ... but if she did... well played. Thanks for that.

One of the things that I really did truly love was the lush descriptive writing. You can tell by reading this book that the author loves words. Nothing is left to chance, nothing is left out and nothing is used willy nilly. I loved reading her words. That was the surprising joy of this book... the authors love of the words.

Elise and Jamey's journey is one of trials and tribulations but there is great love with the characters.

The journey is definitely worth taking with these too.

A very enjoyable read.

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Adding the following updates:

I am picking a random chapter and I am going to quote a completely randomly picked paragraph below.  I want to show you how lush a scene setter Jardine Libaire is in this book ok... here we go....

From the Chapter titled: February 1987 

"Guys move around, tools clanging from belts, faces smug against the chill under hard hats. The coffee truck is on site, Stan telling Irish jokes and blonde jokes and Jewish jokes, making change from his money apron".  

Doesn't this just set a scene?  You can picture it can't you?

To me honestly this is the magic of this book.

When I read this book it's like taking a trip to NYC that tourists don't see going up 5th Avenue to shop at H&M.  I know the book is set in the mid 80s, but to me at least, it could have been set at any time. The characters could fit into today's culture as easily as they fit into the mid 80s setting of the book.  The places are the same, I mean even the Holiday is back (again I make no claim that this is the intent of the author to name check this place... but it caught my brain/eye... one since it's such an important place to me and Fez and two it's really one of a few places name checked in the book, but I have to think so since it is in the East Village as is most of Elise and Jamey's lives).

I absolutely want to add this to the burgeoning list of books for the Punk Rock Book Club (tm).  I posted about that earlier and honestly.... I want to pick this book up again and really have my mind melted by the chapters of this book.  Not necessarily by the characters of Elise and Jayme and Matt and others.... but but the scenery. Oh my gawd the scene setting.

Edited again to add (6/3/17)
I was sent the trailer for the book today....can I tell you how much I love that there are book trailers now?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Notes on White Fur by Jardine Libaire - just the beginning because I just started

I just have come off of a roundtable at the MCA of Denver for the Basquait before Basquait exhibition.  It was a general talk more about the time in NYC than Basquait actually and it was divine.  Really it was great. The panel took us to the places around the Village that they frequented and told stories and anecdotes about their experiences. It was wonderful.  Really great.  

I have always thought that I would haved loved to have been in New York around that time...I wouldn't have been so bold to become an artist but I would have been fringe to them, a patron and salon hostess perhaps to those who inspired me.  The times are different now.  I try to open myself up to creative ventures and read alot about them to find inspiration for my little daliances!

So when I got the opportunity to read a preview copy of White Fur by Jardine Libaire I jumped on it. Immediately.  Like ... I got the email, read the preview paragraph and said "oh hell yes".

The book opens in a motel room in Wyoming.  I suppose the remainder of the book takes us on the journey to this time. 

I knew I would love this book when in chapter two/ January 1986 there is this line: "One Lucky Charm lies bloated in the drain".  That to me is some beautifully nuanced scene setting.  

I anticipate I will enjoy this book alot.  

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Just finished reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Whoa. Lots to cover for me here. But I promise I will keep it short and sweet.

First of all. I loved the book. I have had it for a while and pulled the ebook version a couple of weeks ago because honestly I wanted all the extra material it offered and I am thrilled that I did.

What a story Rebecca Skoot was able to tell. She found a family that was resistant to her, resistant to telling the story and basically completely resistant to everything and then after her tenacity opened up to her. I am so glad she took the reader, meaning me along for her ride. I felt like a partner in her research, trials and tribulations. She took a very complicated (and that is an understatement I think) topic and made it very easy to follow, understand and want to read more.

We learn some of the family's secrets. Some are hard to read and incredibly sad. We learn about the struggles Henrietta had throughout her short life and also many of her joys. There is lots of joy in the book. Everyone seemingly has a joyous moment that gets told and for that I was grateful to read. It wasn't just technical science jargon and sadness... there was joy.

There also was an element of family superstition and faith that Rebecca Skoot doesn't hide that the family believes (and I think we all do in a way). When bad things befall them them think it's Henrietta and whose to say it isn't. They find it's their answer and it's how the story is presented, not from the author's point of view but the family she is writing about which is difficult to do I would imagine.

Lots of medical ethical questions are raised in this book too and that is really important in a piece like this... was it ethical for the physicians to take the samples? Was it ethical for them to not tell her or the family? In today's medical ethics no.... is that yet another part of the HeLa legacy? Perhaps. Like Deborah said in the book "times was different". But still I have to wonder and I will wonder any time I go to the doctor from now on and will question what is being done with my genetic material. It's important and a good lesson to learn from all of this. I am not by any stretch saying that my cells, tissues or material have ANY value to science but neither did Henrietta. And look where we are.

Religion and Science are at odds in this book and bump up against one another quite often and it's not presented in a way that either is right or either is wrong and I appreciated that. Alot. It made both sides of those aisle compassionate. I felt great compassion for both the scientists and the family.

What a great story, great telling of the story and presentation of very heady material in an easy to follow and understand way. Thanks for the great read.

I have lots to think about and read more on In the ebook there is a prologue which provides more reading material which is amazing! Looking forward to reading more. I am grateful to Henrietta for her story and grateful to the author for telling the full story as well. It wasn't easy and I am glad that we were along for the ride.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

What am I reading right now?

So about 5 years ago or so Fez and I were at Costco looking at the book stacks.  I got him 
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. He read it and said it was great.  I always found something else to read. 

When I was in my first year of college I took one biology class. I was considering pre-med and thought hey I should probably consider a high level course and see if I am as good at this stuff as I was in highschool (which was pretty ok ... brag zone... sorry).  And that must have been where I heard about HeLa Cells.  Can't imagine hearing anywhere else about it.  Anyways... I heard back when the book came out an interview and discussion about all the research and what went into the book and I honestly thought the book would be a downer.

Soooooo, when we are watching a show on HBO and see that Ms. Oprah has a movie version of the book coming out I figured I better get to reading already.

I am loving it.  Really truly loving it.  

I am at about the mid point in the book. I really don't want to write too much about what is happening as I don't want to "spoil" it for anyone that hasn't read the book or is waiting for the movie.  But I am truly riveted.  Something that I didn't expect whatsoever.  I thought oh sure this will be a investigative medical journey and really it's a history lesson in race relations, medical investigation, medical research, family dynamics. This book... dare I say it... has it all.

Sex, drugs and juke joints.  (well at least in the first part) not sure about the second.

Its a fascinating journey through dare I be so bold to say... our country's history.  It's a pretty bold statement I know... but take it from me... it's really a great read and I know once I watch Ms. Oprah's version of the book the viewing will be too.

But I have to finish the book before I watch the movie. That is my rule.  

I am hoping to finish it this week... I will post when I am done.

Monday, February 13, 2017

I cried uncle and it feels great.

OK so ... I have this guy at the office that was telling me about @midnight and how it is a funny show... so I started to listen to the Nerdist Podcast about a year ago. 

Here is the deal.  I wanted to be a completionist.  I wanted to honor my complete OCD tendencies and hoarding issues by listening to all the podcasts start to current.  Honestly.  All the way through.  No skipping.  And honestly the only one that I actually did skip was the Joan Rivers podcast because at the time that I got to it in the list was the week that she passed which was really distressing to me... so I maybe listened to it 6 months later.  But honestly I have stayed the course Scotty.  

I cant do it anymore.  Honest to Betsy.  I just can't.  I am crying Uncle.  Enough.  I am missing too many damned good podcasts out there because I am trying to maintain some bull crap promise that I made to myself to listen to the 7000 nerdist podcasts out there.  So... at Podcast 574 (today) I think.... I am going to only listen to the ones that I really want to... and skip.  I know I may miss some amazing insight and commentary but holy jeebus I just can't take it anymore.  

Plus it takes forever to actually listen at the office because I am super interruptable and have to pause alot.  So I can listen to maybe two a day.... if even that... SOOOOO moving on.  Sorry @ nerdist.... but I just have to.  

I just deleted a three paragraph kvetch about work. No one wants to read that junk here.

That being said... I just well yesterday... had a 14 year old show me the quick and dirty ins and outs of Snapchat.  I don't know why I wanted to even try it... but I have to try all the technology things.  I just have to.  I can't help myself.  I don't understand it but I have it and tried it and that is what counts right?!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Etching glass and my trials and tribulations with said project. PS ETCHING CREAM DOESN'T WORK ON IKEA GLASS

Making the subject in caps caps so that the internet spiders will catch this valuable piece of information and save someone the pain in the neck that I had with IKEA casserole dishes. 

So..... I bought a Silhouette Cameo months and months ago (ok ok a year ago).  It has been painful to adopt its use in my crafting.  I have to be honest.  Not just as much in love with it as some of my dear friends who love it.  

I got it for a multiple of reasons.  I would be able to take pictures of a stamped image and then cut it out... I would be able to make stencils for background making.... I would be able to make stamps.... I would be able to make a stencil to etch glass.  Plus I like toys.  

I can say honestly. Not really a fan.  This has been so unbelievably frustrating an experience for the year.

I have to be completely clear here.  I bought the machine based on my friend Aims (my nickname for her, not by anymeans anything she would agree to or much less answer to!) glowing review and demonstration of what she has done with it.  I should have tried it out first. But honestly she had me hook line and sinker based on the cutting out of some stamped images that was just looking super easy.  Wrongo boyo. 

The picscan setting up was beyond miserable.  I have never actually gotten it to work properly. So what I saw in the demo... never really worked for me.  

Not only did the machine and software not recognize my phone but I had to go into setting after setting to try and make it "just work". Then the software once I did actually get the setting in didn't save them and I had to start over again. I spent months alone with that just trying to make it happen.  I used it once for that purpose and realized I actually am happier cutting by hand.  I am in control at that point.  I thought it would be a saver of money because I wouldn't have to by matching dies for some of the stamps that I was going to buy... and then honestly.... I haven't really given it much thought and hand cut anyways.  So yeah that wasn't great and it still doesn't work.  

I have cut some paper items.... I made birthday cards with the numbers cut out... that worked pretty well.  I have cut some new years items for new years cards. For paper cutting ... it's worked.

Over the weekend this weekend though was my biggest trial.  Making a cut file and cutting contact paper so that I could etch glass.  It took me over 10 hours to figure this shit out.  Seriously.  10 hours of trial and error because the system has no instructions.  Went out to the internet.  No one really explained how to set that up.  It was maddening. I spent more time getting the stupid machine to cut than it took to find out that the etching cream wasn't working on the IKEA glass casserole dish I bought.


Not a lot of documentation out there that IKEA glass won't take the etching cream.  That was so so so very interesting for me.  Now that being said. I went straight to Target and bought a pyrex dish for the project that I was planning, they didn't have the same size BUT for the record, it etched like a charm in five minutes... it just worked and it was amazing.  So please for the love of Pete don't make yourself crazy like I did.

Aims said that the floodgates will open and I have a million ideas now that I have it working.

I can honestly say I don't know about that so much.  BUT I will say that I probably will move along and not have any intention to upgrade the machine. Right now it sits out on a small table in my craft room.  I am going to actually box it back up and take it out only when I have a project.  It is a constant reminder of frustration and disappointment.  Nothing that costs that much money should be this frustrating.  

In other news...I have been very unmotivated to make anything... which financially has been great.  

I need to get my mojo back.

Any tricks and tips you have?  Share them please... I really do want advise!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy and why I took so long to read this book

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible ThingsFuriously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Soooooo... back in June... looking for ideas for the Punk Rock Book Club (tm) ... I did get notice that the book was on sale on Amazon. I scooped it up... knowing that I wanted it and have for a long time.

So why only now... say January 2017, 6 months later am I actually finishing it?

Here are some reasons why NOT:

Not because I loaned to book to F. Made him read it because he needed to understand why I would lay in bed giggling.

Not because I loaned it to another friend because SHE needed to know why I was giggling.

Not because I put it down because I got sad that Jenny Lawson is dealing with some shit.

Not because I was overwhelmed with life, I mean my issues are insignificant comparitively.

Why did it take so long to finish this book? I didn't want it to end. Seriously. That is the only real reason. I may actually go back and read it again just so that I can enjoy it double as much. Jenny Lawson's insights into life, her ups and downs, her marriage, her relationships are incredible. Lessons were learned. My issues.... irrelevant compared to what Ms. Lawson brings to the table. And seriously... if she can overcome, find the funny and share it... this girl can too.

I think that is the best lesson learned. I had to finish it so that I could start it over again. This time... I will take notes. This next time I will laugh harder and more outloud. I am actually a better person for reading her book. It's funny as all get out and was like my friend Lisa said... a gift. And lucky for me... a present that I get to open again!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A great quote from a blogger that I want to post and share...

This really hit the nail on the head for me... I always feel like I need to post all the time and honestly it feels completely forced. Especially after what I posted yesterday....

"Quality, not quantity. There's no point publishing things for the sake of it, you guys won't be interested in that."

To this I say "CHEERS!"  It's really so very smart and really brilliant.  I blog about the most ridiculous things but they mean something to me of course but I feel like I pander alot of the time... hoping to be interesting to the one maybe two people that may just stumble along and find this.

So I pledge, I will only post quality (and what that means to me I have no flippin idea).  But know that when I do post it's meaningful.  

Thanks for hearing me out and thanks to Tessa at All Things Stationery for making a brilliant point.  

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Goals... got any? I kinda sorta do....

So I have been writing off line and trying to gauge and plan for my upcoming year both personally and professionally.

Professionally I have to pick up my gumption... get some more training under my belt and get to getting on.  I love love love my company, the team that I work for, honestly the dude that I work for and then the manager/director that I work for.  I am very fortunate.  I don't know if you all remember how bezerkly miserable I was a few years back I can only be so beyond grateful where I am now. But mama needs to seriously work to betterment.  I am so lucky that the company that I work for actually encourages it.  Fortunate beyond fortunate because seriously... there are companies that don't allow that much less encourage it.  But with all that encouragement I still want to move forward and make those corporate goals that make a difference in my career.  It's a tall order... and scary as shit.  

BUT personally.... whoa nelly... that is where the magic happens.  So here we go.... write every day (NOT here though), cook something new and NOT repeat a single dinner in any given month.... so if I am going to do "taco tuesday" it will be different tacos... chicken.... shredded beef... blah blah blah you get it. Not repeating a single recipe during a month. That is going to be a major challenge. Not gunna lie... major.  

I am going to also not buy a single pen... ballpoint, artist, fountain... all the pens... not buying a single one.  I probably have a gabillion in this house.  Right now.  A gabillion.  Corporate branded, fake branded, bic, pilot.... I gots me lots of pens.  And I have to wrap my brain around the fact that I have about 1000 bic round stic pens which are my favorite.  I also have about 100 amazing and glorious fountain pens that I never ever actually use which is a travesty.  So.... this is the year of the pen and using the ones that I got... zoe on the block.  I have crafting pens too... that I have to learn how to use.  They are not the fancy copics but like the bastard cousin four times removed of copics.  They blend and stuff I just have no clue what I am doing so that is that goal for the year too. 

I made a promise about a month ago to Fez that I would not buy any new stamping stuff, paper, stamps, ink, glitter etc until at least March, so that I can blow through the stock that I have.  And I have a Cameo so honestly I don't have to buy a single die cut really until then either.  I am really excited to roll through the equipment and supplies that I have, then I can restock which is great.  I made the promise really because I spent some flat up giant money on the holidays this year but the present that I got totally put me over the edge and honestly put us into a place where I really honestly need not one more thing EVER.  Yes it was that good and no I am not talking about it.  If I know you personally for realz you know... if not... shucks... get to know me and I then I will actually full on push out the secret sauce.

I am going to write two journal pages a day.  I used to write four and five and now honestly since I dropped off facebook I gauge that I will have time to do that.  I was going to bullet journal too. but really? I am a prolific list maker which kinda feeds into that shit, but honestly I will NEVER make a monthly spread and blah blah blah.... already I am bored with that.  So no bullet journalling. That is that.  I would rather long form write actually.  So I am going to make the time.  I have to it's one of things that I really miss so much about pre-internet days.  Maybe just the internet of now, which is why I completely dropped facebook. I haven't looked back either.

Lets see... what other goals.... um... I may buy this crazy stationary bike thing for us... I don't want to admit it but we need to do something magical that doesn't involve leaving the house and going to the gym, we tried that last year and it didn't work.  I think it honestly may be worth trying.  But that is a soft maybe.

So that is about all I got for the time being.... any plans you have?

Friday, December 09, 2016

Lists and the pressures of Pinterest and making a "pretty bullet journal"....

Ok so truth here.  Technically I have been "bullet journaling" since High School.  I make lists in a little notebook that I carry around with me at all times.  I have a system that I mark completed items with.  Boom.  Done.  Bullet journal.

But you see... Pinterest has made me look at my little notebooks, without their fancy drawings of cups of coffee, banners and handdrawn fonts and let me tell you something.  I feel inadequate. 

No... I should say I felt inadequate.  I don't anymore because I realized... the whole actual point of the bullet journal was to make it work for the user, be somewhat minimalist and yet organized.  So I shake a little fist at all you graphically creative folks who take hours to "set up" your monthly "bujos".  Shake them mightily.  And say screw you.  I will not fall to the pressure anymore.

I do though like drawing little bookshelves of the books that I have read... I mean that is adorable.  And easy...give me a ruler and I can be a happy girl. This is what I am talking about and may be the only drawing that I am able to manage.... I think it's also because I do love to read so much and honoring that by drawing a little something may be joyfull. and it's a onetime drawing piece.  Not ongoing like some I have seen.  

link from my pinterest but originally found on a facebook post that is no longer publically available

BUT I am not drawing lots of other things like, banners and trees and suns and all that.  

I just am not unless I am in a meeting and totally bored.  I will not be falling into that trap of tons of colors indicating different moods and how many glasses of water I drank.  Sorry to all those people that take that time... mamma too busy over here.

This is badass and pretty as all get out but nope. too much pressure.  (ps the link below will go to quite a page about how this lovely young lady puts hers together.... I just can't get there... too much work)

from my pinterest but really from:

I found a nice notebook in the dollar area of Target the other day (ok ok it was three dollars) and I will mark the bejesus up with that for sure... I will sketch out card ideas probably but I am not going to make myself sad with the fancy shit I see all over pinterest.  I am also going to remove all that from my feed because truthfully... I will NEVER do anyofthose things and why even pretend?

Truths are being told right here.  It's bravery time.

I maintain my love for notebooks and pens (so so many pens) but I will NOT be pressured to make anything but written out lists or if I am feeling graphically inclined... maybe a little table list or something but nothing at all like this....

photo from pinterest but ultimately from: // instagram: showmeyourplanner

And it's lovely but honestly.... I just don't have the time or the energy. There is so much pressure with even this little set up. Can't do it. Tried... but eeesh.

That being said I have three new notebooks coming from a japaneese/korean importing site that I think will also be awesome to use this year.... I will full on review them when I get them.  Excited... just wish that they would get here already... ordered almost two weeks ago... blergh.

So the point of this is... don't feel the pressure that you may find when you pull up bullet journaling items on pinterest or instagram or an the mirad of blogs out there... do you peanut... do you.

That is the entire point of it.  Don't let that message be lost... it's about you and what works for you.... unless you are incredibly taken by the idea of drawing and stuff.

Do you... always.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Music will save your soul....

So I learned (again .... it's always a good reminder).... again last night.  Thank you #PuddlesPityParty for making me laugh (and cry an ugly cry) for the reminder!

So... where does this bring me to today?  I am not going to post about making crafty cards or anything else but something that I need to just put out there.  

Kindness is the most important thing we need to bring into the world.  Seriously.  

There has been alot of ugliness in the world (not just lately due to the election but that has only been exacerbated to the n'th degree) of late and honestly it's been bringing me down.

I have been miserable at my day to day job, which means I come home and am miserable about it here, then I am the same way with my outside interactions as well.  So because I am miserable I pass that energy on to others who probably do the same.  And so on and so on.... it's enough. I can't be a force of darkness.  I just can't.  

So here we go fair reader (the one person that will read this ... and honestly I am ok with that... I honestly am thinking about going full on back to livejournal (infact crossposting) and building a community there... yes I know it's owned by a Russian company(some people are VERY worried about it, I say...blathercakes... I am posting what I feel and stand by it... and probably my data would be mined but this platform is owned by Google and certainly they monetize our content as well... as does Facebook don't forget....either way I think over the next few years we will need to document what is going on in our lives... who is interacting with us and how.

We all need to be a safe harbour in the darkness.  So come on come on ... lets be that good in the world. 

I won't get into what I think will happen to our world.  Speculation doesn't do ANYONE any good just yet. Lets let the lobbyists do their jobs.  Trust me they know how we feel on both sides of the proverbial aisle.  They are diligently bringing up plans on what to do. I will be drafting up some emails and letters and will post links with contacts for all to use, so what this space.  But good can come from all this.  It can lift all of us in a way for good.  We can protect and enrich lives.  We can do good in the world.  We can make sure that we effect the change we want in the world.

Lets be a beacon of safety for those that feel marginalized.  Lets be a safe place for someone that is being victimized by hate speech or hate actions. 

Lets adopt the principle of the #safetypin movement... it mimicks the paperclip movement (which was a symbol in Norway against Nazi fascism).  I appreciate both symbols.  Not sure how to bring them together but I am going to find away.  The rhetoric from the right mimicks so clearly the rhetoric of the early 40s it's scarey.  So lets do everything that we can to derail the train. Lets slow it down and bring this to a quick stop as best we can. I want to be a force for good.  Show those fuckers.  

So what does this have to do with music?

We are listening to gospel music this morning and Johnny Cash..  Seems fitting.  And it's lifting me up.  And just what I needed.    


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ebook Review: Sparkle Glitter on My Grave" by Jill Kargman : spoiler... I dug it.

Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About LifeSprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About Life by Jill Kargman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really did enjoy this book. It was light reading for sure. Very tongue in cheek and reminiscent of her show Odd Mom Out(which she references often in the book in several places). I didn't find it a distraction, mind you.... since so many people will now know her from that venue.... she name checks it though and I would like to think as a thank you the viewers of the show.

The chapters didn't really tie together but really a book of essays doesn't really have to.

Lots of jargoneese is used in the book and there are entire chapters dedicated to it. I thought it was fun but I can understand why some readers didn't.

If you are not a fan of dreaded cuss words and language this book is not for you...but if you can get past it... you will enjoy it. It's very much like your having coffee with the author and she just talks and tells you stories. Or if you have a potty mouth like I do... you will really enjoy it... I know I did.

The writing seemed so train of thought which was a little hard to follow and keep up with for me and why this took nearly a month to finish... but there are so many nuggets of joy... I really honestly enjoyed reading it.

She is an insider with outsider view from inside.of a world that I will never be part of on any day to day basis so through the book I loved being part of it for a while.

Fun and funny... no heavy emotional lifting her and a great "companion" to the TV show in a way.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016 I wish I was in NY....because I am hungry and know what I want

So my friend Smick (not his real name of course... you know better than that... nothing I post here has real names.... ever .... that I can recall actually...anyways)...SOOOOOO this morning I woke up and opened up the little computer that apple so affectionately calls and iPad.... and saw this post.... 

Click here to droooooool and see what I want so badly right now 

Ok so some people believe that Katz's is tourist trap and only selling to tourists and out of towners.  Now when we go to NY, I guess I am considered a tourist but I am always with F who is not a tourist.... he put in his time in Brooklyn and the LES so does that make me a tourist still... perhaps.... but I will say this... the last time we were at Katz's we saw them bringing up the freshly finished pastramis and I nearly passed out... I mean they were in the cart ... steaming.  I wanted to take a picture of that so badly because seriously that was a thing of beauty... tourist behaviour be damned. But I couldn't get a good shot.  Then my cutter called next and I was in deep.  I will never forget it.  

I made the mistake of reading some of the comments to the video... never a good idea...  and people were kvetching about the prices.... yes the sandwich is 20 bucks... but it feeds two people easily.  Or you have a sandwich for later.... why kvetch.  And yes you have to wait in line.  It's a deli.  They have table service... it's along the wall. Don't like the chit that they give you for your ticket at the cashier?  Get table service and the waiter will take that off your hands (I suppose... we don't ever actually get table service) we fight it out for a regular spot.  Someone bitched that no one has ever sliced their pickles like in the video.  You have to ask the slicer to do that.  Give your slicer a couple bucks as you walk up and  and at the end... let them know you are serious at appreciating their craft (and kiddies... slicing like what you see above in that video... is a craft don't be fooled... that is some serious skill) ... you will be treated like a god.  Amateur kvetchers.  Never read the comments. But it did remind me how much we do love our Katz's warm pastrami sandwich.     

Yes its busy all the time... yes it is expensive.... but when ever at any restaurant do you see them bring out the freshest meats to be sliced right in front of you in a cart?  I mean come on.  It's old school, it's amazing and shut the f up haters... go somewhere else it will be less crowded for the rest of us that love being there. 

It is the best pastrami I have had ever and that is saying alot.  Considering ordering a 6 pound two day delivery.  And yes they do that.  And yes it would be worth it and yes I would have my Dad slice up that meat.  He is a professional and no joke with the knife skills... I am ok... but my Dad.... pro.  

I think I need to seriously start considering.  We can get amazing NY style rye here and it might be worth considering getting pickles from them too... I would be able to feed 10 people for 150 bucks maybe.  Hmmmmmmm need to actually consider this.

Oh never look at food posts when you are hungry.... I am learning this the hard way today. 

This post is in NO WAY sponsored or endorsed by anyone or anything other than my desire to have really great pastrami in my pie hole right now.  

The free shipping offer is current as of when I post this and I can't speak for any offers in the future or if you read this archived or anything... after the day I have posted.

(PS I hate that I have to post that I am not sponsored.... in today's day and age someone should just be able to post a post and not have to put any kind of disclaimer out there... and post #notanad... see now I am hangry and kvetching myself.... putting the credit card away so that I don't have a 10 pound pastrami show up on my doorstep on tuesday... but how amazing would that be?)

Thank you Katz's for your delicious meat, your delicious offers and your amazing video.... thanks for keeping it in the family, not selling your property (that was a rumour years ago) and making some great memories for us all who go there.... tourists or not.

This post IS SPONSORED by "Pastrami" the world's second best cured meat (corned beef from my mom and dad is the first).... 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flying solo this weekend was super interesting.  The puppy was really really angry about it.  How do I know?  I had to clean the carpets twice this morning and the hardwoods in the front living room once (so far).  I mean we would go out for walks... it was so bad that I ran out of paper towels.  Marty definitely likes it when F is here for sure.  I mean big piles mad.  I can't text F and tell him because seriously... he is playing RIGHT NOW (at 4:18 on Saturday) and sending him a message now would just plain be mean.

But Marty is mean pooping in the house mean.  If it wasn't funny I would be really mad.  

But how can I be mad just because he was. 

I also had all these plans to get started on holiday cards, new years, halloween, winter.... yeah that didn't happen at all.  Not even really close.  I mean I did design a cut out for the cameo (now that I finally got that thing working.... seriously Silhouette.... you really need to include some training videos for that thing... I was ALMOST about to list it on Craigslist (which is something I kid about but was seriously about to find an alternative location in someone else's house nearly didn't want it in mine). I was so frustrated with the whole system... the pixscan wasn't calibrating, cutting where it should blah blah blah.  The software and instructions that come with in was not easy to follow OR intuitive.  

As an aside... seriously.... this video was immeasurably helpful... I mean seriously... I wouldn't even be considering using the machine if this video didn't come in my life. Ken... you rocked my world with that video.... and saved me from pitching a $200 device out of my world.

Ok so back to the holiday cards... I am largely holding off getting started because I have an order of supplies coming in next week I think and honestly I kinda want to wait to see if that kick starts my inspiration at all. It might.  If not I have something set in my head and prepped so that is not a bad thing.  

 You know what else has been happening alot? Someone out there keeps signing up for accounts with my email address.  Mostly it's chat rooms and teeniebopper clothing sites.... but last night was the last straw.... Red Box... now... don't get me wrong. I am in no way going to interfere with anyone's rental of entertainment... so I waited until she or he returned the movies...but I am not going to put up with it anymore.  So I just spent 10 minutes on the phone with Redbox getting the account shut down.  The guy kept asking me about what is the last four numbers of my credit card... dude I don't know... it's not my card but my email.  I logged into the account and then got the credit card number, this girl is lucky I am honest as all get out. Beyond fail.  Weird that I could get that info.... oops.  Talked to two other guys after that... oh it happens all the time they tell me... still ... I don't want it on my email.  So they agreed to shut 'er down. Thanks dudes.  

Can't wait for the next account to come through because seriously... I am going to find out what this person's real email address is and then sign up all her (I am assuming it's a her) accounts properly after shutting it down with my email address.  So annoying.  I mean I want to do the right thing.  

I have had the same gmail email since let me go back and look....yeah at least 2004... So I would say... mine.  It's pretty much the only stake in the internet I got at this point... I am keepin it.

so yeah... on a thursday (which is what this day is that I am posting this....) things are ok.... and my puppy is adorbs.

Monday, September 05, 2016

blerg on the picked for you from pinterest....

So I post this because seriously... I spent most of yesterday trying to get inspired for a card idea for my Dad who has a birthday coming up this week.  I spent alot of the day plucking through some of my favorite blogs and then thought... hey I will just head over to Pinterest and see what I can find there.

Well I noticed that the top of my main page feed is filled completely with "picked for you" options and not actually feeds that I follow. NOW... I get that algorithms have to change now and again to keep a site fresh, but that is the point of Pinterest is that your main page should always be fresh with things your following.  Well... this is a major bummer. I had to page down almost four times to see anything that really did interest me.

I have the "remove picked for you" button/script docked on my favorites bar and I sadly had to use it more yesterday than I ever have.

If you want to know what I am talking about... this is it (yes it works and it's good)....

NOW keep in mind I don't think that Pinterest is monetizing these links... I don't think the picked for you generates any income for pinterest . So by removing them I don't feel like I am taking money away.  Which they so rightly deserve ... and seriously... I know if totally jacks up my feed with similar "picked for you"s but I do click through the ads now and again... I think it's important to pay back the company that feeds my creative drive however I can... oh and fullllllll disclosure: I was a beta user when they launched, which meant only that I had access to the site for the most part.  

Here also is a link to the help page on Pinterest's own help site:

The instructions are pretty basic and I hope that they work.  

I also have read that changing your settings also helps so far it hasn't helped with my feed... but maybe it will help for you!

Here are some instructions on how to do that as well:

While you are logged into your Pinterest account go to your account settings page, you can access it by going to this link:

As of today with the layout of the page, you will click on the "home page" link, which will scroll you to the bottom of the settings feature page, you will see that there is a button that has a yes/no option. Slide the button to "no" and that should turn off the "picked for you" options showing up on your main Pinterest feed. This is supposed to turn off the picked for you pins...sadly it has not worked for me so I have to use the script above.  I did have to reset this so if they start popping up again this is the place to change the settings. 

Keep in mind this will not turn off the "Promoted Pins" and those are the pins that advertisers pay to have placed on pages which keeps the site afloat. It's necessary so please don't be a hater about them... they have to make money... give them a break and click through every now and again. 


Just thought I would put this out there for anyone else that may be having frustrations with this. 

I hope that it works for you if you need it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What have I read since we last posted?

Quite a few books actually.  I gobbled up a couple books, reread another, discovered a funny lady and am reading another autobiography with another autobiography on deck even.  

Where do I start? 

Welllll lets start at the very beginning.  A couple of years ago my friend lets call her Shmeesha and I joked about book clubs and how really truly we are "too punk rock" to be in one and take it seriously.  So funny as it happens ... this summer... we actually formed a "Punk Rock Book Club".  We sorta had one going already in that we would read the same book and say "yay" or "f nah".  Mostly "yay" since we love love love books.... did I say we love books?  Yeah we love books.

So I have been a ginormous fan of Jenny Lawson... go read her blog... it's funny as shit.  Here is a link... I will wait... go now.... click the link... it will open in a new window.  Come back and I will finish up my story.  

Ok see? Funny as shit right?  Ok so I was reading her blog and her audio book for Furiously Happy (linking here so if you want more you can have more... NOT a link that is sponsored at all... stupid that you have say that... I get nothing... just the joy that you may get from reading the book)... got nominated for an award and her publisher dropped the price of the kindle book to almost free. I had to spread my excitement and I emailed like four gal pals about it.  Boom book ordered... we all read it... at the same time... made a header for a private facebook group and boom... punk rock bookclub is for real.  

Anyways... Gals loved the book choice... we talked online about how funny and sad and funny and sad it was.  I got about halfway through it and then all of a sudden "Lets Pretend This Never Happened" finally (and I say that after almost a year seriously on the waitlist at the library the book came into my queue... so I had to put down the other book and get the library book.  

So we started to talk about both books... it has surprisingly made me really happy.  Finding out that others not just Shmeesha liked what I like in authors was great.

Then Vendela chose The Art of Asking by Amanda F'ing Palmer.  We had a couple of the books... one I gave to Shmeesha a while back in the great library purge of earlier in the Spring and the other we kept.  I have long loved AFP for the Dresden Dolls her DIY spirit and followed the Kickstarter (and all that followed) rather closely. The book is a afterword of sorts from her TED Talk (which is great) and what she learned along the way in her career and life.  Don't be afraid to ask... don't be afraid to engage... don't be afraid to look a stranger in the eye.  All things I learned reading the book some two years after Fez got the book from the publisher as an advance for an interview that he did with her before she played a show here.  She is honest and true to her dreams ... as we all should be in whatever capacity that they come to us right? The book was a reminder of that.  And lessons learned.  Yesterday I was perusing a Pez community online and saw dispensers that I didn't even know existed... Fez said... do you want me to buy that for you .. and I thought... yes I do. And I let him.  Don't be afraid to ask.  I was about to buy the dispenser myself and I thought boy it would be nice if Fez asked... he did... and I let him buy me something.  It was hard for me but thanks Amanda Fucking Palmer for letting me open up and say "yes I would like you to do that thing that I want to have you do".  It was great.  

We haven't as a group actually gotten together and talked about it over wine or anything but books... man ... they bring people together.

I read Jill Kargman's prequel to her hit Bravo Show "Odd Mom Out" Momzillas.  I won't suggest it for the book club probably because well ... didn't love it as much as I wanted to love it.  Sure... FUNNY... quippie.  The show though might have just ruined the book for me because seriously the tv show is brilliant.  Casting is amazeballs (I will watch ANYTHING with Joanna Cassidy amiright?) and the set and clothing design is brill.  So I think I wanted to the book to be the show and it wasn't.... BUT BUT BUT Jill Kargman has a new book being released next month called "Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave....".  This I may have to suggest.  Essays? Certainly bodes well for my love.  Advance copies are out in the world and there are tons of reviews... knock on wood this book holds the funny in it's little sleeves along with Kleenex to wipe away the tears from laughter.  I am ready for it.  

I am currently reading right now "Wildflower" by Drew Barrymore.  I know Shmeesha has read it already so we will carry the tradition of the Punk Rock Book club along with that one.  I held off getting the book for a while so that I could come to it with open eyes.  There was so much publicity when the book first came out I was a little wary that I would want it to be dishy like some of the reviews said that it was. I am thrilled to bits that so far... it's not dishy but again very honest about being true to oneself.  I am only a couple of chapters in but looking forward to reading more.  Which is a little unexpected.

Next up I have "Never Say No To a Rockstar". Another memoir about a time in a persons life bumping up against fame and fortune and turning their life into something much different. The author became a psychotherapist. I look forward to it.    

As summer comes to an end of sorts my summer reading list also does.  I really wanted to read more, but as they say... some of my life got in the way... but I am back on track and ready to welcome Autumn with as much gusto.

Viva La Punk Rock Book Club... we will read dem books but may not chat about them together or much else but it's a good incentive and fun to chose what to read.

Any options for the next next book?  I am willing to take ideas and put them at the top of the list even!  Come on punk rocka... dish. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Things I have started in the time since I have last posted

  • writing with my fountain pens again
  • buying fountain pens again (ok I custom ordered a ranga bamboo pen - mine is clear acrylic- last month for my birthday and received it last week and I am desperately trying to find the right paper to use because baby it writes wet... but it is amazing and I am thrilled to have bought it, on a lark for sure... but love it none-the-less).  
  • I have also subscribed to the monthly mystery box shipment.  It's been fun.  I will probably do 1/2  year and then reassess. Two shipments in and I am enjoying it. 
  • Made lavender honey lemon soap with lavender from the front garden on Friday... need to finish packaging and then I will give out... I have enough base to make 5 more bars and will probably do that tomorrow 
  • continued with the miscellaneous bullet journaling lite stuff. It feeds my list making tendancies for sure but I have a normal planner / calendar that I just can't give up daily use of so I am hanging to two things I write in ... that may not be the most functional but for me right now it is kinda working... I do not suggest it.
  • planning out an epic card making session next weekend.  Working on ideas for what I want to make, it's hard choosing where to even think about starting project wise... blerg.  
  • I have organized and cleaned by upstairs office multiple times. Once so that I could stamp all the sets that I have out in a book that I made for that purpose, so I would be able at a glance to see what I have... best thing I could have ever done... time saver for sure.
  • Ate sopapillas with my neice again, the first time was at Casa Bonita a couple years ago, she was too young to appreciate it, this time was at Little Anitas, she liked them a little bit more this time.
  • came up with a rather aggressive personal reading list for my punk rock book club... we are not meeting really even to talk about the books which is pretty punk rock.  
  • ordered the president pez... another birthday present... they have been VERY slow to arrive... maybe today... I don't know why I really care all that much since they will live in a closet
  • Added some books to my library wish list and realized that I have my library card number memorized... 
so speaking of reading... it's 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon... it's not mind numbingly hot out, the awning is down on the porch... going to get to reading...

PS working on Jenny Lawson's two books:  Almost done with Furiously Happy  (loaned it to Fez so he could see why I was laughing so much in bed) and starting and about midway through Let's Pretend This Never Happened (Fez will just have to wait on that one), my guide to you is:   If you love a laugh about one person's observances mostly about themselves and in the funniest and poignant way... these are your books.  OH and Furiously Happy was our inaugural Punk Rock Book Club choice (the book had gone on sale on Amazon and I couldn't help myself.... then suggested it to others... as you do). 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lazy Crafternoon review (new book coming out in August 2016)

Lazy CrafternoonLazy Crafternoon by Stella Fields
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently decided that I would try my hand a traditional crafting. I have added about 350 projects to try on my Pinterest board. I joke often that while I have so many projects I will maybe do two. Then this crafting book came along to review and I thought... uh... geared to Young Adults? This lady who is kind of a newb on the craft scene could learn a thing or two I am sure.

I enjoyed this craft instruction book... clever pictures and simple instructions for projects that are really honestly "doable". Many of the crafts featured I actually have similar ideas bookmarked in a file to try! The simple instructions may be written for young adults but these easily could be adapted for adults to do as well. Simple easy and affordable. I look forward to trying one or two myself!

Definitely geared to the young adult market but simple projects are the best to start with. I was surprised how many projects featured used decoupage techniques! Definitely one that I wanted to try and with the simple instructions provided I might actually decoupage that planter one day. The author features a DIY design mug that I have seen everywhere of late. Very current projects using very modern and current supplies which is refreshing.

There are several sections and projects broken out by the type of project and at the end there are some party ideas too.

Would make a great gift for a tween sleepover... make a project and then pick one for the next party.

Really a delightful book. Thanks NetGalley for the preview!

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hero Arts Layering Colors stamps, ink and die sets

Never reviewed a stamp set nor really felt the need to... but I was sitting here frustrated and not loving what I since I know that my ones of viewers and reader may wonder....

I bought the pineapple and hibiscus color layering stamp and die and ink sets from Hero Arts last week.  I took the day off from work on Friday (also have Monday and Tuesday off... ) I really need to not be working so much and need to take the "me time".  Also I wanted to get some card making done and just chill out. I have to get my birthday card and hello card stash back up into action.... I thought having a full supply of what I needed might help me get inspired so was excited to use these sets.

Every year I buy my Mom a birthday present on my birthday because well.... she did allllll the hard work with me not only to get me to that day but to where I am today as well.  Seriously my Mom might be the most amazing lady I have had the fortunate ability to spend all of my life knowing.  She is my rock.  

So I usually am lame and get a gift card to Amazon but this year I thought I would make her a kick ass set of cards she can use for thank you notes... as she is really good about writing them and sending them out .... I mean seriously I learned from the best!

So she LOVES pineapple and hibiscus so when I saw the sets come up for sale I waited and waited... pulled the trigger and bought the sets last week. Ordered directly from Hero Arts and they shipped super quickly! 

I made the pineapple thank you cards on Friday and will work on the hibiscus sets today.  I gave her the Thank Yous yesterday because well... not just proud of the results.... and wanted to move on.

and here is why: 

Opened up the packages and stood there trying to decide what I was going to do.  Picked the pineapple set.  At first I didn't like it at all.  It seemed a little too "precious" I suppose.  The ink cubes are really super wet, the stamp (they are poly) stained immediately when using their ink or any ink (dye or pigment I realized).  I have to say for someone like me, who likes things to clean up completely... with little staining...this is a complete nightmare.  I think honestly I let it bring me down a little.  The sets are not at all cheap but after the first use they looked it because they stained so badly.  I am bummed.  I am letting it get to me.  NOW I get it if you use the heck out of your stamps and over and over and with black dye ink only... sure sure... that I get, but first time out with pigment ink and blammo the poly is bright yellow and won't clean up clear?  Really disappointing.  I was bummed.  

As an aside: It's a very common comment I have seen and read. Glad that it's not just me.  I am guessing it is probably due to a manufacturing process and supplier.... seems very common for everyone. It is a complete ick factor and frustrating to me as I feel like I am going to stain my next ink pad. I know that I won't but I want to make sure any one that may see this knows about the staining. 

I mean it's really harsh y'all.  Be prepared.  DO NOT ANTICIPATE CLEANING OFF THE STAIN.  It won't happen.  

And I am claiming full responsibility for it making be a little meh about the set. Yes I let it get to me.  Yes I know it's silly.  Yes I know .... I own it. 

So.... back to the pineapple body.  The layers felt a little weird to put down. I mean I don't need a full on ARROW telling me what edge to line up against but a little guide would be helpful, the pictures on the back of the card are really small.  

There is a simple edge to follow but it's just a little odd feeling and doesn't line up 100 %.  I feel what they are working for... imperfection can be perfection.  But...a little bit of a guide with a bigger picture would totally be helpful.  Then I did the leaves/pineapple top... it felt weird and the look didn't feel good.  I had no idea where the second and third layer were supposed to sit.  I just didn't love the results out of the gate.  Really didn't. There was just a big but.... 

Note sure what it is.  

I stood there and then I went to die cut out the pineapple with the supplied die.  Yeah that was a huge issue... it didn't line up at all... for my needs it worked out but really a bummer.  

 I wanted to stand there and feel in love.  But I was just not.  I thought well it looks nice.  Sure. But .... again... just not loving.  

I then went and looked up some other videos and found that others actually die cut their shapes out first and stamped second.  I did do that with the hibiscus set and it worked out better. So keep that in mind.  I will have to try that with the pineapple next time I use the set.  I mean there will be a next time for sure.  

Anyways.... put together the cards... they are nice. Not at all what I intended at all.  I wanted to do something really fabulous for my Mom... instead I feel like they are just mediocre. I think I was just so not loving the stamped and died results that I just wanted to get the cards made, packed up and out.  

This is my issue for sure and I get that.  

I have three hibiscus card fixings sitting on my work table and will do something with them this afternoon... again... note that it does work out so much cleaner on the edges of your cuts to cut the shapes out first, use a little edge of post it tape and stamp those cuts after diecutting... at least it worked out better for me... so I thank the blog that mentioned that and I am bummed that I can't call it out.  

I really wanted these sets to be my new favorites.  I wanted to fall in love and use them until they wore out.  I really did.  I like them alot and know that there are a ton of options for what I can do with them... and I will... but not just in love.  

I do though reserve the right to change my opinion. 

I will up date this post with pictures later this afternoon when I figure out what I am going to do with the hibiscus cut outs.

I also bought the gold fish set.  Didn't even open that up at all.  But there wasn't anything as timely for me on that set.  

If you have any advise or design ideas I am all ears because not just loving as much as I wanted to.  Maybe it's the ink color combinations that I used... even though I used the inks with the sets.... had to add a color... maybe I will stamp off the middle layer for the pineapple.  I don't know.  just not wow'd.

Give me a week and maybe 10 more cards and I will feel better about it. But out of the gate... great idea... very realistic layers on the pineapple... and cool but not just what I was hoping for.  

So not the worst but not my most inspired work....