Saturday, March 08, 2008

Remember this post? Well almost everything is going out of the house today. I have a ton of cleaning that I have to do (it is on my list). I am going to do a little belated dubbing now that I have figured out the whole crazy input system going into my tv. Technology ... you have messed me up for months, but I will promise you I won't get frustrated by your geewhizzieness.

I was going am watching some of my neighbors going about their days and I am trying to figure out seriously why this one lady who lives across the way can't park her car front in. I don't understand it. Because she backs up, goes forward and repeats about four times to get her car in the spot. It is really amusing.

A&E today is running a couple episodes of the Sopranos. I haven't watched the show in quite some time. I forgot just how really good it is. Even with the dubbing. But the Gene Simmons Family Jewels Sopranos open take off is lame. But I will probably dvr the show because I think he is funny.

I am really hungry and its barely 3 which is frustrating because I don't have anything really all that snackable in the house right now. If I was going to go to the store it would be a huge mistake because I would buy all sorts of non-sense so I will be itchie for food I suppose.

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