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Some of the comments on the article above make me so mad. I was going to register and post a comment but thought instead of making a rash post there I would flesh out my thoughts a little better here.

And because I know a little more about the situation I will expand on my thoughts a little better I think here then there.

First of all: the family's privacy should be first and foremost on anyone's plate. But the Rocky Mountain News, the reporter and Joyce Foster who probably accompanied her husband to council the family used this tragedy to pose as a Senate candidate and it makes me (and others) disgusted. This is a private family matter at this point and the only people that took that seriously are the people at the hospital. And it isn't just HIPPA which prevents them from sharing any information I don't imagine, it is the common decency that care givers have to the families going through such an incredibly sad time.

The author of the article is peddling in gossip, when did the Rocky get so tabloid? John Rebchook should be ashamed of himself. Seriously, there is nothing journalistic in his article at all. Sure he called the hospital for a statement but any reporter worth his or her salt in that business knows that what the answer is. I am shocked he didn't ask Joycie for Sam's cell phone and try and get a comment. The article was less about Leslie Fishbein and her families contributions to the community in an honorable way but the way I read it was all about Joyce Foster and that makes me sad. How dare she overshadow this tragedy? And why would she make the comments that she did to a reporter? Nothing she said was degrading but still... let the family have their privacy. Making a comment about (Leslie) just opening "her eyes" is classic misguided comments from someone who should know better.

Why is there a quote from an un-named person at That makes no sense. This is obnoxious and rushed reporting i feel.

The article in the Denver Post is just a little bit more sincere: (and why they called C is amusing, but I know really why they called, but I appreciate him for being discreet but the article is far less gossipy and for that I thank them).

I am just going to say this one thing... I waitressed for several years and Sam and Leslie would come in and always ask for my section, I knew exactly what their likes and dislikes were and they literally only had to sit in my section and I their orders would be automatically ready for them in my head. They didn't know at that time we were cousins. I didn't know that we were cousins. They were kind and appreciative customers of mine every couple of weeks, we laughed at jokes, talked about horses (me about how I loved to ride when I was a kid and she always said I could call her and ride her horse when ever I wanted...I never took her up on it), talked about my classes (I was in film school) all the while they enjoyed their spiced tea and turkey cashew crunch sandwiches. She was kind and always seemed interested and I will never forget that. Only years later at a baby shower or wedding shower did we realize our family connection. It is a nice thing.

She is a fantastic lady and the commenter's in the Rocky article are generally reacting to the tone of the article so don't look down on them for their semi-ignorant comments, because look at the comments and the tones of the Denver Post article.

Sad to me that the people that possibly knew her the best share the news in a more positive and productive way:

Edited on 3/10/08 to add:

Again, this morning the Rocky gives Joycie publicity and she should know better than to discuss any information regarding the condition of a patient good bad or otherwise. Shut up woman. Does she NOT understand the ramifications of what she is doing? Make a statement anonymously, but please don't attach your political aspirations and accomplishments to your name please, and ask the reporter to not do so. This is information about Leslie, not you. She is begining to make me sick.

And here is today's blurb from the Denver Post, just to see how respectfully and not gossipy the information can be sent out.

She is so obnoxious I can't stand it.

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