Saturday, March 08, 2008

guh... steevoh foiled again by PBS Pledge....

So the highly touted and publicized Clash Live Revolution documentary airing on PBS tonite is running late, it was supposed to begin at 11:00, but of course because its Pledge, my guess is that it will start really at 11:30.

Which is really annoying for so very many reasons, don't cross promote on the radio its begining at 11 when you will only piss off potential . Because had I not come home from La Cueva early and stopped Steevoh I would have ended up an hour of Michelle Phillips touting the 60s music stuff. Now don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with the music from the 60s... I mean I loves me some Marilyn McCoo but seriously... not what I would have been so happy about watching expecting live footage of The Clash.

Shame on KRMA. This just really is annoying. But I think it is about to start. The talking heads are terrible. I know they have cds/dvds and money to make but seriously... its a bad move when people will schedule their dvrs and be stuck with the Pledge sales pitch. I have been on the behind the scenes side working on the pledge but we kept to our schedule.

GET SHERI on there. She can talk and promote a good pledge. This is why I hated working pledge because the people on air were so damn dry and horrible.

I appreciate Don Letts putting this out there for the stations to air for pledge... but that being said its going to be available to buy on April 15th. I will probably just order it so I can watch it straight through and not be hit up for a 100 dollar pledge. Now if they have a prize pack of something magic along with the dvd I might consider it. Better to give Don Letts my money, which is stingy of me... pbs gave me some great joy working for them. I should just be patient, wait until 11:30 when the show really does begin (a half hour after they promoted it to begin...) and then look forward to watching it maybe on Friday when KBDI airs it and then maybe I will just but it on Amazon.

Oh and don't forget to reset your clocks... its Day Light Savings Time time. Replace the batteries in your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and programmable thermostat! This is a public service announcement...with guitars.... (like how I did that?)

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