Thursday, March 06, 2008


Duh....of course Bukowski and the Beats are the most literary ripped off authors.
In other news, watched Dave Attell videos on YouTube almost most of the morning on Tuesday..... I feel dirty and need a shower and a shot of Jager.
Went for Rib Nite last night and in my haste to get out the door this morning forgot my "backup bag" of leftovers. And now I am suffering because I am really hungry. The cafeteria is closed so I am really in a bad spot. Time to break out the gorp from Trader Joes I suppose.
I am fully considering the post work no technology pledge. Last night when I got home I got so much actually done not even trying to get online and catching up on my reader. This morning I just clicked "mark all as read" and started fresh, which didn't help matters because now the list is unmanageable again. I think it really might be time to clear out my blog roll and start completely over. Bookmark those whose blogs I really love and move on. I find that I go home once back from dinner and just get couched trying to catch up. It will probably be better for me if I don't get too caught up in catching up.
My co-werker totally rocks my world today. Seriously she is the cat's meow. She has turned my frown upside down and rocked my world just by doing the magic that she does. I would go and hug her if we both weren't so germ-a-phobic and weren't cut from the same cloth of people entering into our personal space being annoying as hell. I passed her a note over the cubes though. There ain't no wall high enough for her to hide from my appreciation. She just completely saved me a mess of work. I could have handled it, but she is so practical and so smart.... I just heart her and the fact she dealt with an issue earlier too that was heinous and handled it like a champ.
OK and here is something funny:

me: bitter baby bit...tter...!
my friend I am chatting with right now: i wonder what your kiss would taste like?
me: like coffee and cigarettes and cherry lip gloss
Periodic table of the Internet


You can buy prints of Little People... lovely


I love this commercial... and it is really timely since there is a new manufacturing plant for the turbines which opened in Windsor (not pun intended I am sure, but seriously... how fucking funny is that?) yesterday....

worked for three hours tonite but that means the hours I put in tonite will be appreciated tomorrow when I am able to get so much stuff done.

Do you think telling people you wanted to be a coroner is a turn off?
I think it freaked a certain someone out. His loss.

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