Sunday, January 06, 2008

My OCD is in complete overdrive today... and I am airing my shame at my hording tendancies right here for all to read about.

I was on the phone last night talking with Valentine about my pantry and the chaos that it was in and seriously all I did was think about it all night. Grrrr. So I have started the overhaul. I actually woke up before noon today and got started. How about dem apples?

I haven't started with the pantry... not just yet. Baby steps. Linen closet, under the sinks, the laundry room and THEN the pantry. That is my modus operandi' for this little challenge.

I started with the linen closet this morning. Do you realize that I have over 25 washcloths? What is THAT? Crazy consumption is what that is my friends. So ... in cleaning out the linen closet, I found 3 pillow cases that do not go with any bedding I have or have had, where did they come from? I do not know. Its weird. I must have bought them at some time for something but what? I found about 100 little teenie tiny samples of lotions and potions. Some of them came from Sephora and L'Occitaine so at least I know where they came from, but honestly not really when. I put all these samples in baggies and am going to use one a day, maybe. But I wrote an expiration date on the baggies so if I don't use them by March 1, out the door they go.

I found a 100 hour vanilla candle that I got at HW Home probably two years ago, since they don't sell that brand anymore. It hasn't been lit yet. I love this candle company and the candle smells so good. Why I had it hidden unused in the back of the closet it beyond me. So I lit it and am using it right now. I have seven or eight other large candles too that I have to use. Two from Anthropologie (and what a hoot they are selling our furniture for double, no triple what we paid for it) which weren't cheap in the first place, but are wasted if they go unused. Right?

I was going to take pictures and post them here (Valentine they are "behind the cut" on flickr, so you can see what I was talking about) but its really embarrassing to me that I am such a hoarder. It isn't like my house is full of stuff and I need an intervention like Clean House but I see how easily it could happen to someone. I am really glad that I catch myself before I let it get more overwhelming than it is right now.

I filled two large garbage bags with shredded docs and other things yesterday. Not the kitchen size, the leaf and lawn size. Scarey. I still have binders upon binders full of old docs from years ago and other things too. Its bad. We have a shredding company that comes to the office so I need to just take my stuff there. It is too much for my home one to handle. Plus the service recycles which is awesome. This morning I filled two kitchen size garbage bags with stuff that I either knew I would never use that can't be recycled or passed forward (like the gummy candy from Halloween), tea with no taste (I went on a Steep Tea company kick for a while and now its all bland) and other trash.

Oh and you know what is really the most completely bizzare in the find in the linen closet? A holga starter kit. I already have two cameras, with one out on the bookshelf on display with my other small and medium format cameras, but when did I get the starter kit? I really honestly do not remember. I mean sure its a treasure and all, but really? In the linen closet?

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