Monday, January 07, 2008

I stole a tape from Sound Warehouse once...

I will never forget it. I was standing there at the store on Colorado Boulevard waiting for Alex to rent his video and I just decided to steal this tape. I still have it, its in my storage locker. I will never ever get rid of it. One because I was a stealer and two because, straight up its awesome.

I am ashamed to admit that I stole. I mean out here all publically and what not but still, don't steal its bad.

I was standing there in front of the cassettes and was thinking... I need a New York Dolls record. So I took one. About a month later I felt badly so I went to Wax Trax and bought another one (and soley because I liked the cover art, didn't matter, it was great). My Mom might still have it since I gave it to her to prove to her that the guying singing that "hot hot hot" song was really David Johansen and not really someone named Buster Poindexter. So there Mom... punk and glam rock can be cool see?

So tonite I came home after dinner and watched New York Doll which I had dvr'd last week. I wasn't expecting much actually. But I have always been a fan of the Dolls so why not I thought. What a nice documentary. Saved it and will tape it for my Mom who probably won't watch it but maybe she will. I think she will even appreciate it a little bit. And "hi" Donn Letts, he was taped for the movie, I could listen to you talk for hours. But that is besides the point. It was really a well done film. From the beginning to the life of Arthur "Killer" Kane to the reunion and 22 days later. This was a nice man and you could tell by watching the film.

They are playing at the Gothic on February 26th. Its a little insane to think that they are playing shows but it makes sense, given the reception they got in London which was shown in this doc.

On another note I tried to explain the WGA strike and the issue of residuals and that the writers aren't staff usually and aren't paid on salary in most cases but per piece so they ARE due modern media compensation. She doesn't see it my way, or the writers way. But she owns a company which has software writers and the company owns the software and that is how she sees the film industry, but see Mom, it isn't really like that. The writers already get residuals per view, but only for media that is out there on the terms of 10 years ago, not today's media and they want to be compensated for this new media. She still doesn't get it. But she made a good point that the other ancillary employees of any production is hurt, which is true. I would be out of work if I was still out there. So lets heal up this strike already. Negotiate with the studios separately, I don't think isn't a bad idea, I don't think a blanket agreement will happen so go to the studios and make it happen already. Some of my friends are starting to get really really hungry.

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