Friday, January 04, 2008

goin' green the Danny Seo way...

Well..... sorta. But it goes to say that I am trying to do my part even if it is a small part. It goes back along way. My Uncle was always a huge proponent for Solar Power and alternative energy development so its always been in the back of my mind. My Bro has recycled for as long as I can remember, I worked on recycling what I could. I have always been a reuser of plastic, that comes from my Grandma D. She instilled that in my Mom who passed that on to me. I mean I have cool whip containers that are probably more than a few years old (ok like five) which I stuff left overs into. Its not huge change but something as a family we always have done. We use paper bags in our trash bins, and reuse the bags back and forth if we are able. I use the newspaper bags my Mom gets for Herschel. I have had a programmable thermostat for five years. I'm just saying. Its not hard and its been a habit for like ever.

I have been waiting to write about a really kick ass experience that I had with Method. I have used Method's cleaning products since their inception. Seriously. I remember hearing about their products and thinking "if I can make my house smell like bamboo sign me up". Now sadly since the bamboo has been discontinued (I have one bottle left) my house smells like grapefruit when I clean. I remember trudging through Albertsons because they were the only ones that carried their products in Denver back then. Finally they marketed to Target and all my cleaning products are made by them now. So I read on Apartment Therapy in October that Method was teaming and working with Danny Seo and producing a reusable bag that played a little bit on the Anya Hindmarch "this is not a plastic bag" bag , but really appeared to be more sturdy and honestly more fashionable (no funner, you know bright and more sturdy...I don't know useable) to me.

I use the Trader Joes bags everywhere and my Ikea bags too, but since I needed laundry detergent and some other items I figured I easily can spend $20 bucks and sending my receipt to them for a bag is super rad. So I went to Target on my way home and got me my supplies. I was so pysched that I accidentally sent my forms to Canada's fulfillment center.


I was so sad, I was so worried that I wasn't going to get my bag. I emailed the information email listed on the site. In two hours I got an email from Felicia. She felt my pain, empathized, laughed with me at my foolishness and said if I don't get the back by the beginning of December she would make sure I got it, even if it came from their stock. I hadn't gotten the bag by the middle of December and emailed her to tell her. Two days later... I got it from her in the mail. I loved that Felicia made sure that my love for Method wasn't diminished. Not that it would have honestly but I would have been sad. I emailed her to thank her and she was so awesome about it. I really appreciated all the effort she went to, making sure that I am a happy puppy customer.

I was in Target the other day with my bag and someone offered to buy it. Nope. I have given away Trader Joes bags willingly (I find it weird that people ebay Trader Joes items by the way), but this is my TREASURE. I felt badly telling that lady no, but I kinda had to.

I am so excited to see read in Danny Seo's blog (see above) and about his partnership with JC Penney. Look at how freakin' gorgeous his bamboo sheets are. I really am excited to see a major retailer working to bring these products out. I have spent the last two months trying to find them locally and affordably. I now apparently only have to wait until Spring. Its an exciting time for consumers to be a little more eco-friendly.

And just as an aside... I have always hated my fireplace. Its rocks and I have thought really ugly. I wanted to white wash it or cover it up, but his exuberance about his new fireplace which nearly looks the same changed my mind. I am easily influenced, lets be honest.

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