Thursday, January 03, 2008

it's only fun until you worry about getting booted from the museum...

I had a really terrific day. One that was funny and interesting and certainly a great start on my new year. Remember NO resolutions (more on that later) but I am working on little changes.

Slept in because I could. I took the day off from work because I was going to spend at least part of my day with G. She was/is in town so I was looking forward to it, but not enough to get out of bed early if I didn't have to.

We went to the Denver Art Museum where we had a very nice time. The second we walked into the building we were hit with the warmth and the humidity. If I worked there , I assure you there would be no way my skin would itch all night long because it is so dry here. We didn't see the Treasures of the Louvre exhibit, there just wasn't enough time for what G had allocated.

We went into the Clyfford Still exhibit, I really enjoyed it very much. I liked the texture of the paintings. It was super that we could get right up on it too. We walked through the Western Art collection and farted around looking at some of the really cool pieces. I enjoyed many of the pieces I have to admit. This collection was really really cool. We missed Linda. Didn't see the Damien Hurst or Warhol or Man Ray. We totally missed two whole floors of the Hamilton Building, oops. But actually its ok because I am able to go back and hope to soon. I will have to go back in February or March to see Linda though. I remember seeing her when I was young and went with my Mom and Dad on one weekend. I didn't fully appreciate the work then, I was really bored I remember. I am super glad that I missed two floors actually because it will make going back really exciting and interesting. I want to have a docent though.

While walking through the museum I got scolded by a guard, really loudly by the way. She yelled "NO" at me for taking a picture. It was really funny. See I wasn't taking a picture of the work, I was taking a picture of a sign saying "No Pictures". They were just asking for it. I mean that is irony. But whatever. I completely understand not taking pictures of the works in a traveling exhibition, which is were this sign was above. I totally understand and explained to her what I was doing, she looked at us with such disdain, we could have died on the spot if looks could kill. She eyeballed us for like 10 minutes. Then later a different security guard ( the way we love him) tells us the photo policy and what we can and shouldn't take pictures of. He was cool . You can see the pictures over at flickr.

And it was really cool so see a Poons since I had just seen some information on the documentary the other night. And the illusion works from the side too by the way. The guard in that gallery didn't know what was so spectacular about it. Go fig.

The bathroom faucets play "row your boat" when the water turns on. We would have made a movie of it but there were some ladies from Portugal talking about Nars lipsticks so one couldn't have heard the song. Something to go back for also.

I called Sprint today so that I could cancel part of my service. I have been paying five bucks a month to have my unlimited nights and weekends begin at 7 pm. I used it mostly a year and a half ago when I was using alot of minutes during the day when I was looking for a job and calling friends long distance in the evenings from my cell. Now that I have Grand Central (thanks Bro!) I don't need to utilize my rather sketchy service via cell phone to talk long distance from my couch. Why pay the extra moolah? So I call to cancel the service. I am told I am now on a their new billing system and need to be transfered. So I wait, and wait and wait, and then finally am connected to "ray". "Ray" can't be understood, bless him and his nice off shore job in that call center but its so loud in there I can't hear anything he is telling me. I ask him to please speak slowly, then bless his heart but for five minutes he asks me about New Years fireworks, resolutions, tells me his and how he released it into the world on a red balloon. While I am enjoying hearing about this cultural difference I just want to get rid of a service I am paying for and not using. He is "still pulling up my account". He puts me on hold again, I hang up and call back. "Kathy" who I get this next time after going through the same transfer and hold thing, starts to ask me about my New Years. Ok they are trying to be congenial. Its ok, but I have to cut her off. I just want to get rid of the five dollar charge already. "Kathy" doesn't "understand". I ask for someone else, she says she just started and hasn't dealt with this. Ok I appreciate her honesty but seriously? So "Richard" gets on the phone, zippity quickippy its done. Magic. He then asks me about my New Years and asks me about my resolutions. "My resolution was to get rid of this five dollar charge for a service I am not using, so I am done"..."Oh, you don't resolve anything else?", he asked. "Nope, thats it, I can take it easy the rest of the year". And the call was done. It was really f'n weird.

I also have very much been enjoying the food102 blog. It is the blog by Ian Kleinman who is the chef at the Westin who on Friday and Saturday nights runs a tasting of molecular gastronomy. He puts up his menus which absolutely just blows my mind. I look forward to going up there and partaking in the experience and soon. I think it will be the first non-regular place to go once I pay off my car (which is two payments, double payments actually, away). I think that is really a kick ass way to celebrate.

I am bummed I have to go to work tomorrow, but its actually ok. Its actually perfect. I like this one day on, one day off I have had this week.

Oh and HI Jeremy Sisto, nice to see you on tv again. You are pretty.

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