Wednesday, January 02, 2008

damn you Debi Mazar and your having flashed a Trader Joes Tuscan Pizza in my face!

In this weeks Epicurious Recipe Flash there is a link to a tour of Debi Mazar's kitchen. I have always liked her, her sass, the fact she did Madonna's makeup or was her stylist or what ever was the urban myth, I liked the fact she was at the "Blow" red carpet with my not-so-secret Hollywood Crush (Paul Reubens) and she totally could kick my ass in a fight.

But seriously... what I love the absolute most about her now, above and beyond the few little things I listed above about her ... her kitchen on this video tour... is real. This isn't some staged dressed up she has cupboards and a pantry that look packed with stuff, there are things (lots of things) on her counters, she uses her oven for storage and admits it, its real, a little cluttered but real, that is what a kitchen with two kids (I would imagine) looks like...(hell my kitchen looks a little like it and it's me and a pupster). Here take a look on your own... her husband is wearing jeans and a tshirt isn't that just awesome? He isn't wearing some fancy styled outfit... and he grates cheese into her hand. Brilliant.

I will say though for having two kids, Debi (if I can call her Debi, which I probably can not) is way.... way .... on the skinny side. She should eat more of her bread.

I am totally stealing her espresso maker display / set up idea for myself, I mean that is totally precious you have to admit. That might be a little staged but who cares its fantastic. Although I really would bet that if someone walked in their house today and took a picture they would be just like that. I don't think my espresso makers will fit on my stove like that but they will on the counter above my mixer. Sweet.

And here is her husband's blog about their cooking show: Under The Tuscan Gun

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