Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Goals... got any? I kinda sorta do....

So I have been writing off line and trying to gauge and plan for my upcoming year both personally and professionally.

Professionally I have to pick up my gumption... get some more training under my belt and get to getting on.  I love love love my company, the team that I work for, honestly the dude that I work for and then the manager/director that I work for.  I am very fortunate.  I don't know if you all remember how bezerkly miserable I was a few years back I can only be so beyond grateful where I am now. But mama needs to seriously work to betterment.  I am so lucky that the company that I work for actually encourages it.  Fortunate beyond fortunate because seriously... there are companies that don't allow that much less encourage it.  But with all that encouragement I still want to move forward and make those corporate goals that make a difference in my career.  It's a tall order... and scary as shit.  

BUT personally.... whoa nelly... that is where the magic happens.  So here we go.... write every day (NOT here though), cook something new and NOT repeat a single dinner in any given month.... so if I am going to do "taco tuesday" it will be different tacos... chicken.... shredded beef... blah blah blah you get it. Not repeating a single recipe during a month. That is going to be a major challenge. Not gunna lie... major.  

I am going to also not buy a single pen... ballpoint, artist, fountain... all the pens... not buying a single one.  I probably have a gabillion in this house.  Right now.  A gabillion.  Corporate branded, fake branded, bic, pilot.... I gots me lots of pens.  And I have to wrap my brain around the fact that I have about 1000 bic round stic pens which are my favorite.  I also have about 100 amazing and glorious fountain pens that I never ever actually use which is a travesty.  So.... this is the year of the pen and using the ones that I got... zoe on the block.  I have crafting pens too... that I have to learn how to use.  They are not the fancy copics but like the bastard cousin four times removed of copics.  They blend and stuff I just have no clue what I am doing so that is that goal for the year too. 

I made a promise about a month ago to Fez that I would not buy any new stamping stuff, paper, stamps, ink, glitter etc until at least March, so that I can blow through the stock that I have.  And I have a Cameo so honestly I don't have to buy a single die cut really until then either.  I am really excited to roll through the equipment and supplies that I have, then I can restock which is great.  I made the promise really because I spent some flat up giant money on the holidays this year but the present that I got totally put me over the edge and honestly put us into a place where I really honestly need not one more thing EVER.  Yes it was that good and no I am not talking about it.  If I know you personally for realz you know... if not... shucks... get to know me and I then I will actually full on push out the secret sauce.

I am going to write two journal pages a day.  I used to write four and five and now honestly since I dropped off facebook I gauge that I will have time to do that.  I was going to bullet journal too. but really? I am a prolific list maker which kinda feeds into that shit, but honestly I will NEVER make a monthly spread and blah blah blah.... already I am bored with that.  So no bullet journalling. That is that.  I would rather long form write actually.  So I am going to make the time.  I have to it's one of things that I really miss so much about pre-internet days.  Maybe just the internet of now, which is why I completely dropped facebook. I haven't looked back either.

Lets see... what other goals.... um... I may buy this crazy stationary bike thing for us... I don't want to admit it but we need to do something magical that doesn't involve leaving the house and going to the gym, we tried that last year and it didn't work.  I think it honestly may be worth trying.  But that is a soft maybe.

So that is about all I got for the time being.... any plans you have?

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