Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A great quote from a blogger that I want to post and share...

This really hit the nail on the head for me... I always feel like I need to post all the time and honestly it feels completely forced. Especially after what I posted yesterday....

"Quality, not quantity. There's no point publishing things for the sake of it, you guys won't be interested in that."

To this I say "CHEERS!"  It's really so very smart and really brilliant.  I blog about the most ridiculous things but they mean something to me of course but I feel like I pander alot of the time... hoping to be interesting to the one maybe two people that may just stumble along and find this.

So I pledge, I will only post quality (and what that means to me I have no flippin idea).  But know that when I do post it's meaningful.  

Thanks for hearing me out and thanks to Tessa at All Things Stationery for making a brilliant point.  

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