Friday, December 09, 2016

Lists and the pressures of Pinterest and making a "pretty bullet journal"....

Ok so truth here.  Technically I have been "bullet journaling" since High School.  I make lists in a little notebook that I carry around with me at all times.  I have a system that I mark completed items with.  Boom.  Done.  Bullet journal.

But you see... Pinterest has made me look at my little notebooks, without their fancy drawings of cups of coffee, banners and handdrawn fonts and let me tell you something.  I feel inadequate. 

No... I should say I felt inadequate.  I don't anymore because I realized... the whole actual point of the bullet journal was to make it work for the user, be somewhat minimalist and yet organized.  So I shake a little fist at all you graphically creative folks who take hours to "set up" your monthly "bujos".  Shake them mightily.  And say screw you.  I will not fall to the pressure anymore.

I do though like drawing little bookshelves of the books that I have read... I mean that is adorable.  And easy...give me a ruler and I can be a happy girl. This is what I am talking about and may be the only drawing that I am able to manage.... I think it's also because I do love to read so much and honoring that by drawing a little something may be joyfull. and it's a onetime drawing piece.  Not ongoing like some I have seen.  

link from my pinterest but originally found on a facebook post that is no longer publically available

BUT I am not drawing lots of other things like, banners and trees and suns and all that.  

I just am not unless I am in a meeting and totally bored.  I will not be falling into that trap of tons of colors indicating different moods and how many glasses of water I drank.  Sorry to all those people that take that time... mamma too busy over here.

This is badass and pretty as all get out but nope. too much pressure.  (ps the link below will go to quite a page about how this lovely young lady puts hers together.... I just can't get there... too much work)

from my pinterest but really from:

I found a nice notebook in the dollar area of Target the other day (ok ok it was three dollars) and I will mark the bejesus up with that for sure... I will sketch out card ideas probably but I am not going to make myself sad with the fancy shit I see all over pinterest.  I am also going to remove all that from my feed because truthfully... I will NEVER do anyofthose things and why even pretend?

Truths are being told right here.  It's bravery time.

I maintain my love for notebooks and pens (so so many pens) but I will NOT be pressured to make anything but written out lists or if I am feeling graphically inclined... maybe a little table list or something but nothing at all like this....

photo from pinterest but ultimately from: // instagram: showmeyourplanner

And it's lovely but honestly.... I just don't have the time or the energy. There is so much pressure with even this little set up. Can't do it. Tried... but eeesh.

That being said I have three new notebooks coming from a japaneese/korean importing site that I think will also be awesome to use this year.... I will full on review them when I get them.  Excited... just wish that they would get here already... ordered almost two weeks ago... blergh.

So the point of this is... don't feel the pressure that you may find when you pull up bullet journaling items on pinterest or instagram or an the mirad of blogs out there... do you peanut... do you.

That is the entire point of it.  Don't let that message be lost... it's about you and what works for you.... unless you are incredibly taken by the idea of drawing and stuff.

Do you... always.

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