Saturday, November 12, 2016

Music will save your soul....

So I learned (again .... it's always a good reminder).... again last night.  Thank you #PuddlesPityParty for making me laugh (and cry an ugly cry) for the reminder!

So... where does this bring me to today?  I am not going to post about making crafty cards or anything else but something that I need to just put out there.  

Kindness is the most important thing we need to bring into the world.  Seriously.  

There has been alot of ugliness in the world (not just lately due to the election but that has only been exacerbated to the n'th degree) of late and honestly it's been bringing me down.

I have been miserable at my day to day job, which means I come home and am miserable about it here, then I am the same way with my outside interactions as well.  So because I am miserable I pass that energy on to others who probably do the same.  And so on and so on.... it's enough. I can't be a force of darkness.  I just can't.  

So here we go fair reader (the one person that will read this ... and honestly I am ok with that... I honestly am thinking about going full on back to livejournal (infact crossposting) and building a community there... yes I know it's owned by a Russian company(some people are VERY worried about it, I say...blathercakes... I am posting what I feel and stand by it... and probably my data would be mined but this platform is owned by Google and certainly they monetize our content as well... as does Facebook don't forget....either way I think over the next few years we will need to document what is going on in our lives... who is interacting with us and how.

We all need to be a safe harbour in the darkness.  So come on come on ... lets be that good in the world. 

I won't get into what I think will happen to our world.  Speculation doesn't do ANYONE any good just yet. Lets let the lobbyists do their jobs.  Trust me they know how we feel on both sides of the proverbial aisle.  They are diligently bringing up plans on what to do. I will be drafting up some emails and letters and will post links with contacts for all to use, so what this space.  But good can come from all this.  It can lift all of us in a way for good.  We can protect and enrich lives.  We can do good in the world.  We can make sure that we effect the change we want in the world.

Lets be a beacon of safety for those that feel marginalized.  Lets be a safe place for someone that is being victimized by hate speech or hate actions. 

Lets adopt the principle of the #safetypin movement... it mimicks the paperclip movement (which was a symbol in Norway against Nazi fascism).  I appreciate both symbols.  Not sure how to bring them together but I am going to find away.  The rhetoric from the right mimicks so clearly the rhetoric of the early 40s it's scarey.  So lets do everything that we can to derail the train. Lets slow it down and bring this to a quick stop as best we can. I want to be a force for good.  Show those fuckers.  

So what does this have to do with music?

We are listening to gospel music this morning and Johnny Cash..  Seems fitting.  And it's lifting me up.  And just what I needed.    


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