Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flying solo this weekend was super interesting.  The puppy was really really angry about it.  How do I know?  I had to clean the carpets twice this morning and the hardwoods in the front living room once (so far).  I mean we would go out for walks... it was so bad that I ran out of paper towels.  Marty definitely likes it when F is here for sure.  I mean big piles mad.  I can't text F and tell him because seriously... he is playing RIGHT NOW (at 4:18 on Saturday) and sending him a message now would just plain be mean.

But Marty is mean pooping in the house mean.  If it wasn't funny I would be really mad.  

But how can I be mad just because he was. 

I also had all these plans to get started on holiday cards, new years, halloween, winter.... yeah that didn't happen at all.  Not even really close.  I mean I did design a cut out for the cameo (now that I finally got that thing working.... seriously Silhouette.... you really need to include some training videos for that thing... I was ALMOST about to list it on Craigslist (which is something I kid about but was seriously about to find an alternative location in someone else's house nearly didn't want it in mine). I was so frustrated with the whole system... the pixscan wasn't calibrating, cutting where it should blah blah blah.  The software and instructions that come with in was not easy to follow OR intuitive.  

As an aside... seriously.... this video was immeasurably helpful... I mean seriously... I wouldn't even be considering using the machine if this video didn't come in my life. Ken... you rocked my world with that video.... and saved me from pitching a $200 device out of my world.

Ok so back to the holiday cards... I am largely holding off getting started because I have an order of supplies coming in next week I think and honestly I kinda want to wait to see if that kick starts my inspiration at all. It might.  If not I have something set in my head and prepped so that is not a bad thing.  

 You know what else has been happening alot? Someone out there keeps signing up for accounts with my email address.  Mostly it's chat rooms and teeniebopper clothing sites.... but last night was the last straw.... Red Box... now... don't get me wrong. I am in no way going to interfere with anyone's rental of entertainment... so I waited until she or he returned the movies...but I am not going to put up with it anymore.  So I just spent 10 minutes on the phone with Redbox getting the account shut down.  The guy kept asking me about what is the last four numbers of my credit card... dude I don't know... it's not my card but my email.  I logged into the account and then got the credit card number, this girl is lucky I am honest as all get out. Beyond fail.  Weird that I could get that info.... oops.  Talked to two other guys after that... oh it happens all the time they tell me... still ... I don't want it on my email.  So they agreed to shut 'er down. Thanks dudes.  

Can't wait for the next account to come through because seriously... I am going to find out what this person's real email address is and then sign up all her (I am assuming it's a her) accounts properly after shutting it down with my email address.  So annoying.  I mean I want to do the right thing.  

I have had the same gmail email since let me go back and look....yeah at least 2004... So I would say... mine.  It's pretty much the only stake in the internet I got at this point... I am keepin it.

so yeah... on a thursday (which is what this day is that I am posting this....) things are ok.... and my puppy is adorbs.

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