Saturday, September 24, 2016 I wish I was in NY....because I am hungry and know what I want

So my friend Smick (not his real name of course... you know better than that... nothing I post here has real names.... ever .... that I can recall actually...anyways)...SOOOOOO this morning I woke up and opened up the little computer that apple so affectionately calls and iPad.... and saw this post.... 

Click here to droooooool and see what I want so badly right now 

Ok so some people believe that Katz's is tourist trap and only selling to tourists and out of towners.  Now when we go to NY, I guess I am considered a tourist but I am always with F who is not a tourist.... he put in his time in Brooklyn and the LES so does that make me a tourist still... perhaps.... but I will say this... the last time we were at Katz's we saw them bringing up the freshly finished pastramis and I nearly passed out... I mean they were in the cart ... steaming.  I wanted to take a picture of that so badly because seriously that was a thing of beauty... tourist behaviour be damned. But I couldn't get a good shot.  Then my cutter called next and I was in deep.  I will never forget it.  

I made the mistake of reading some of the comments to the video... never a good idea...  and people were kvetching about the prices.... yes the sandwich is 20 bucks... but it feeds two people easily.  Or you have a sandwich for later.... why kvetch.  And yes you have to wait in line.  It's a deli.  They have table service... it's along the wall. Don't like the chit that they give you for your ticket at the cashier?  Get table service and the waiter will take that off your hands (I suppose... we don't ever actually get table service) we fight it out for a regular spot.  Someone bitched that no one has ever sliced their pickles like in the video.  You have to ask the slicer to do that.  Give your slicer a couple bucks as you walk up and  and at the end... let them know you are serious at appreciating their craft (and kiddies... slicing like what you see above in that video... is a craft don't be fooled... that is some serious skill) ... you will be treated like a god.  Amateur kvetchers.  Never read the comments. But it did remind me how much we do love our Katz's warm pastrami sandwich.     

Yes its busy all the time... yes it is expensive.... but when ever at any restaurant do you see them bring out the freshest meats to be sliced right in front of you in a cart?  I mean come on.  It's old school, it's amazing and shut the f up haters... go somewhere else it will be less crowded for the rest of us that love being there. 

It is the best pastrami I have had ever and that is saying alot.  Considering ordering a 6 pound two day delivery.  And yes they do that.  And yes it would be worth it and yes I would have my Dad slice up that meat.  He is a professional and no joke with the knife skills... I am ok... but my Dad.... pro.  

I think I need to seriously start considering.  We can get amazing NY style rye here and it might be worth considering getting pickles from them too... I would be able to feed 10 people for 150 bucks maybe.  Hmmmmmmm need to actually consider this.

Oh never look at food posts when you are hungry.... I am learning this the hard way today. 

This post is in NO WAY sponsored or endorsed by anyone or anything other than my desire to have really great pastrami in my pie hole right now.  

The free shipping offer is current as of when I post this and I can't speak for any offers in the future or if you read this archived or anything... after the day I have posted.

(PS I hate that I have to post that I am not sponsored.... in today's day and age someone should just be able to post a post and not have to put any kind of disclaimer out there... and post #notanad... see now I am hangry and kvetching myself.... putting the credit card away so that I don't have a 10 pound pastrami show up on my doorstep on tuesday... but how amazing would that be?)

Thank you Katz's for your delicious meat, your delicious offers and your amazing video.... thanks for keeping it in the family, not selling your property (that was a rumour years ago) and making some great memories for us all who go there.... tourists or not.

This post IS SPONSORED by "Pastrami" the world's second best cured meat (corned beef from my mom and dad is the first).... 

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