Monday, September 05, 2016

blerg on the picked for you from pinterest....

So I post this because seriously... I spent most of yesterday trying to get inspired for a card idea for my Dad who has a birthday coming up this week.  I spent alot of the day plucking through some of my favorite blogs and then thought... hey I will just head over to Pinterest and see what I can find there.

Well I noticed that the top of my main page feed is filled completely with "picked for you" options and not actually feeds that I follow. NOW... I get that algorithms have to change now and again to keep a site fresh, but that is the point of Pinterest is that your main page should always be fresh with things your following.  Well... this is a major bummer. I had to page down almost four times to see anything that really did interest me.

I have the "remove picked for you" button/script docked on my favorites bar and I sadly had to use it more yesterday than I ever have.

If you want to know what I am talking about... this is it (yes it works and it's good)....

NOW keep in mind I don't think that Pinterest is monetizing these links... I don't think the picked for you generates any income for pinterest . So by removing them I don't feel like I am taking money away.  Which they so rightly deserve ... and seriously... I know if totally jacks up my feed with similar "picked for you"s but I do click through the ads now and again... I think it's important to pay back the company that feeds my creative drive however I can... oh and fullllllll disclosure: I was a beta user when they launched, which meant only that I had access to the site for the most part.  

Here also is a link to the help page on Pinterest's own help site:

The instructions are pretty basic and I hope that they work.  

I also have read that changing your settings also helps so far it hasn't helped with my feed... but maybe it will help for you!

Here are some instructions on how to do that as well:

While you are logged into your Pinterest account go to your account settings page, you can access it by going to this link:

As of today with the layout of the page, you will click on the "home page" link, which will scroll you to the bottom of the settings feature page, you will see that there is a button that has a yes/no option. Slide the button to "no" and that should turn off the "picked for you" options showing up on your main Pinterest feed. This is supposed to turn off the picked for you pins...sadly it has not worked for me so I have to use the script above.  I did have to reset this so if they start popping up again this is the place to change the settings. 

Keep in mind this will not turn off the "Promoted Pins" and those are the pins that advertisers pay to have placed on pages which keeps the site afloat. It's necessary so please don't be a hater about them... they have to make money... give them a break and click through every now and again. 


Just thought I would put this out there for anyone else that may be having frustrations with this. 

I hope that it works for you if you need it.

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