Sunday, May 22, 2016

So I thought about starting a home blog and supplimenting it with my card stuff...

BUT... there are a gabillion (and I can honestly say I don't think that is a huge exaggeration here ... a gabillion) other sites out there... that have their own darling and colorful designs.  So I am not going to try and reinvent the wheel. Sure there are tons of great ones out there... some bloggers even make money posting sponsored posts.  

I think my only sponsors would be Dazbog Coffee (PS HI.... love you long time) and Parliament Silvers ...(PPS HI... I secretly hate you but love you but want to quit you). 

So... I decided that the best thing that I can do... honestly... is honor what I am doing... how I do it and hey if you like it great. BUT... not get all caught up in the stuff of what other people have been doing to make money.  I have a great day to day way of generating income, so blogging certainly won't be it.  Just wanted to clarify.. I will not have a sponsored post ever I am guessing nor will my interface be fancy or any of that jazz.

OK ...

So here is something that some of you may or may not run into.  Laundry smell.  Or in other words ... this was my search at 1:00 a.m. last night....My list yesterday included cleaning out our small kitchen side pantry because I seriously thought that something went bad in there ... well nope.   It was our washing machine in that same area of the house.  

Why don't my washer smell like eggs... like rotten 100 year old pickled eggs?

General consensus is that it's a water accumulation issue in the basin of the washer.  Happens a ton on front loading washers I am finding out... ours is top loading. So what is an intrepid home owning gal supposed to do?  Investigate.

The culprit was whittled down a little bit from:
  1. Is your machine a front loading machine?  Nope
  2. Is your machine eliminating the water into a side sink? Nope
  3. Is your machine level? Yep
  4. Do you see water in the bin? Nope
  5. Is there rust on your bin? Nope
  6. Do you use liquid soap? Nope
  7. Is your drain hose clean?  Probably Nope....
So how do you clean out that drain hose without completely having to take apart your machine?  So this is what I did....

I took the drain hose out of the wall drain receptacle. It was a little smelly... but not horrendous... but could be the source.

I grabbed an old dishtowel that I was willing to donate to the cause.  Shoved it in the hose end, moved it about a bit... took it out... kinda gross.  Then into the wall... did the same... kinda gross.  But ... followed the instructions of a guy who said he was a plumber on Reddit and ran an empty load on HOT with bleach.  Then ran another empty load with a cup of white vinegar and half a box of baking powder. Also on HOT.... then another empty load with nothing in it and then a normal load with towels (avoiding using liquid soap.... why?  Here is why.... fulllllll of degreasers that actually can be really gummy and hard to completely wash away and builds up in the lines.... I use Arm and Hammer pods... Not loving their new combination with Oxy Clean by the way.... they don't seem to break apart... so I have to see if I can find some without).  And see if the smell and line seems clean.

And you know... while it is a water waster.. not gunna lie... rather spend the money on the hot water going through the machine then deal with that smell... holy jesus... so far the house doesn't smell like we have a natural gas leak or live over a sulfur spring.   

Pretty happy with the results.  Not loving my soap though.  They still make the kind I prefer which is great.. it will just take a little digging.  ALSO... I haven't been following the directions and adding before putting in the laundry... usually I did toss it in the side where the water comes in the machine... so tried the dropping in first thing... since it's pretty much laid out for me that is what I am supposed to be doing.  

Feeling like our house will go back to smelling normal... We won't blame it on the trash and watch the hose and clean it out periodically.  

Also and this was a hint that we all should remember... once your wet laundry is done spinning.... put it in the dryer right away.  The laundry wet will sit and build up bacteria in the bin and that also can cause smelly machines.... I am totally guilty of that to be sure!

SOOOOO.... off to pull the towels out... the machine just stopped!

Happy clean laundry and clean machines for us all!

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