Thursday, June 02, 2016

I am an a hole for even writing this entry

So my F went to see the Buzzcocks tonite and I stayed home to clean the house and finish laundering the towels.  Our swampcooler sprung some kind of leak this afternoon and water was all over the place this afternoon.  So yeah there is that.  
Because I know I can't turn on the cooler air I feel like the house is unbearable.  It reminds me of that time that I had to call the emergency a/c dude to come to the condo... he turned out to be like 500 pounds (bless his heart) and couldn't fix it because the problem was on the roof at the actual a/c unit. 

Our guy is coming out on Monday to take a gander at our thing... so I have to be patient.  He is a super nice guy and will get it going again that I know... sans leak... but in the meantime I feel stifled and miserable. I am sure the swamp cooler is original to the house so like me... it's feeling it's age a little bit.  Replaced the pump and water line and something else that I cant remember so a drain pan seems like just the right thing I suppose. Dunno. We will find out on Monday.

First world problems.  I feel shittay even writing this... seriously I do... but it is happening and there is that.  I have a bunch of our windows open and the breeze is starting up so maybe a little fresh air will help.

In other news Marty met a penguin zoologist today.  I kept my cool.  Marty had no idea.  Inside I was going batshit crazy.  I had a million questions... I asked none.  

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