Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturdays are made for chillin' out and Updated on Sunday

So I had all these major to do list things I wanted to do....I just cut and pasted this list by the way.... super ambitious of me:

** Updated on Sunday because I actually did get some of these things done , I hope to finish with cleaning out the small pantry today, make a few cards, clean out the front closet and adding to the list: get my Sunday Grocery Store list going**
  • make a new set of cards (thank you, hello and thinking of you - 10 cards / four sets) 
  • find the boxes with boxes (that means something to me probably not to you)
  • go through drawers and clean out at least 10 clothing items
  • look up capsule clothing options and item lists
  • clean out all the old calendars and lists take photos of them for memorial sake then recycle
  • go through old makeup and lotions... anything older than 12 months discard 
  • go through "liked" pins and declutter (inbox zero please)
  • go through pinned "pins" and declutter (decide if I will really do it ... if not unpin)
  • deal with pen situation (this is an ongoing struggle)
  • clean out small pantry to the shelve and restock and itemize stock
  • itemize and document library (update: I got about halfway through)
  • clean out front closet
  • mend Marty's toys
  • finish up the laundry
  • deal with and inventory all the candles (as a lady... i take my candle stash very seriously.. but everything is spread out all over the house)
  • go to the garden center - front porch flowers and soil for replanting pots
  • plant flowers and repot the indoor plants
  • look for a small arrangement of airplants for the upstairs offices

So that is what I am hoping to accomplish today. I think seriously the only thing that I may actually get accomplished is documenting and indexing our books and maybe the two pinterest to dos.... I am not at all motivated to do any of the other things... I know it's barely noon and I am feeling this way... it's going to be a long long day.  

But I am home, it's nice great here and honestly.... I don't think I need to push myself all that hard.  The to do list isn't going to go anywhere.

We had plans to possibly go on a little urban photo safari this afternoon too but I think that isn't going to happen.  I think we are just happier being homebodies today.  

So there is that little lame update for those that care.  

If anyone has a line on a place to get colorful airplants shoot me a line... I am interested in putting a few up on windowsills in our upstairs offices.

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