Saturday, May 07, 2016

been working on some card projects... what have I accomplished? kinda more than I figured I would....

So my friend from work who also is a card maker but a prolifically wonderful card maker came back from a vacation with what I can only describe as the most cheekie and wonderfully fun ideas.... she snuck a photo at a gallery / boutique and had to share with me what these cards were.

So of course we have to CAS(e) and put our on spin on them.  By the way her cards are beyond funny because she just isn't the kind of person to utter a bad word or be anything but a proper young lady... so for her to make these kinds of cards is beyond amusing and makes them even better.

I spent all day on Sunday last week just going to town on these little babies.  

So here is the start on the project... I have a list of about 50 different versions that I want to make... seriously.... it's on like donkey kong.... 

Here are some pictures of the four styles I made but about 10 of each is what I accomplished in the afternoon:


I have a list for what I am going to work on tomorrow should we have some time in the evening... we are meeting the Moms for blunch then going out into nature for a friend's Mother's Day celebration.  Not really one for nature I am going to make sure that I wear the most silly and non nature girl thing I can.  

Here is a quick glance at the Mother's Day card that I was inspired by the Paper Source (they had a make and take session in their stores that I just was not able to go to unfortunately) :

What caught my eye was the W-9 embossing folder that they used (that I have) and thought... hey now... I can totally make something similar to that.  But you know what is nearly impossible to find?  Decent crepe paper.  I went to four stores and had to (I say had to because I had multi colored flowers in my head and heart for the idea for this card) settle with streamer paper.  It was ok... definitely not what I had hoped to use but I just couldn't find full sheets anywhere.  Thank you once again Target, you know how to come through for a girl.

Their card:                                           
My Card-

Today I am working with the Ranger Texture Paste and some stencils that I bought a few weeks ago. I have a jar of the transparent gloss and really like what it looks like.  I used a little stamp ink on my craft mat and mixed in some color... it's a cool trick and very necessary I think because I have the transparent paste (it's all they had when I was at the store.... and wanting to try it, I just got what they had....).  I am going to try to mix white ink in with it tomorrow I think to see how that works.  It's neat stuff.  And with my Cameo I can make my own stencils from what I understand.... man I gotta break that thing out already.

I have a few thank you cards that I have to make for some people that requested them so tonite after dinner I will get started on those requests.  I have some great ideas and thankfully I have been given free reign to make whatever I design.  I will probably go with something like this: 

I made this as a demo for something I was trying out... the circle is slightly dimensional... I would like to pop it up a little more... I will probably use a few cut outs below it versus popping it up the whole way.... I sent the two cards that I made out to a friend that went out of her way and got me a Tokidoki Bowie Unicorno to help me through David Bowie's passing away.  It was really so amazingly thoughtful and I wanted to make her something unicorn worthy.  I sent the other to my Mom for just being you know... completely unabashedly a bad ass mom.  

Here is another take on the card... I love the hello sentiment die cut and would use it on absolutely everything.... seriously... so great.... and it just worked beautifully on the card.  Might redo this at some point but not quite sure. 

I got asked to make some graphic non gendery birthday cards for a friend to give out to some people at work.  I wanted them to be different enough but the same as she said she wanted them all to be alike so no one got something really different and wouldn't get upset.  So I worked with vellum for the first time.  I would have embossed the sentiment but ended up not being 100% comfortable with the heat gun on the vellum and didn't want it to curl.   Could be my favorite project last week.  Should have made more... I did make a fifth and sent it to a friend who was celebrating her birthday last week.  

I also finished reading Patti Smith's book... which I posted about.  It's resonated with me still through out the week.  I have been mindful... taken photos of simple things... a spider web with rain dew on it in a bush... talked to neighbors and written by hand about it.  It's been wonderful to have her words and sentiments in my head all week.  

Seriously I wish I had just gotten past the Candy Slice on SNL.... I loved Gilda and had I known who she was spoofing but really honoring (watch Gilda closely and you won't regret how amazing both these ladies truly are) I probably wouldn't have dived in head first and not come up for air gladly.  But now I am making up for lost time..... 

Seriously watch this... oh and it's the unedited f bomb drop version too... Yay Gilda....

So for those that celebrate Mother's Day... may you enjoy... may you have a special day and most of all... may it be filled with love.

For those of you that don't celebrate Mother's Day... heck.. you dig the day too... do something awesome.

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