Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I just finished reading Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here AnymoreDave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Dave Hill

Dave Hill is funny. That we know (or should know by now)... . What I didn't realize until reading his essays how simply sweet and kind he seems. His essays are tender towards his relationship with his family, his friends (the essay Mexcellent was brilliant to me) and ultimately himself (Rolling Thunder). It was refreshing to read something with this much heart and footnotes. Oh footnotes have never been this amusing.

Thanks Penguin for letting me preview the book and experience Mr. Dave Hill in a way that I didn't expect. I appreciate him now even more and look forward to hearing and seeing more of him!

Oh wait he has an amusing and to me adorable website where I can...!

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Thanks again for the preview Dave Hill and Penguin... This is a great read, fun to pick up and put down and come back to. Normally a quick reader I really wanted to take my time this one because while all the stories are interwoven they really could have stood alone and I wanted to read them that way.

Spending the last month reading these essays was delightful... and very much like Mr. Hill probably is.

If I were to see him on the street, I would offer to buy him a donut.  He seems like he would like a donut.

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