Monday, April 18, 2016

I have had chillin like a villian days trying to get better

keep in mind... if that villian was totally into cleaning floors I am the bad ass of bad assitude while sick. Which apparently I am!  I am very good at it.

I decided that I would get a little floor cleaning in before the snowpocolapse of Spring 2016 hits ... and have a nice clean base before we trapse the outdoors in.  I say this now... but this morning it was because there were these stains in the living room area from where Marty um ::cough cough:: either upchucked or tinkled.  Piddled as one lady said to me the other day.... he was an housetrained kid for a while so it happens.  So today was the day to take care of business as they say.

Last night went over to bed bath and beyond to go and get the Folex Carpet cleaner so that I would be ready today.  I discovered that they have wood floor cleaner too (which I did not buy) which was interesting though.  So I used this stuff all the time in my condo.  Remember my pink carpet that was like 100 years old?  Yeah well Folex was my buddy towards the end of Herschel's life because sometimes.... he just couldn't make it.  And then other times I just made a mess with coffee racing out the door.  (most of the time it was me and the coffee lets be honest).  So ... decided it was time to go and restock for our Marty and for the awesome palmfrondcream (meaning it's cream carpet with palm fronds on it.... seriously... it's rad) carpet now.

F left for work and I went to town.  sprayed, blotted and then steamed the carpet with our cleaner.  Holy amazeballs. The carpet looks great.  GREAT GREAT GREAT.  I wish I had taken a picture... I wasn't really giving the whole thing much thought actually.  I mean I have cleaned the carpet before of course but this was dramatic.  


Off to clean the wood floors.  I have been using alternatively the Bona Wood Floor cleaner and Method and neither do I really love.  Did a little searching online... decided I would ask a couple of lady friends what they use in their house... and wouldn't you know... lemon water and a sprinkle of olive oil was the best answer. 

So I really thought for sure it wasn't going to work.  It totally worked.  Amazingly.  

I made way too much cleaning mix... but I would next time do a quarter gallon of water with an 1/8 cup of lemon juice and three or four drops of olive oil.  Imagine that amount quadrupled and you will get an idea of how much I made.  But extra went out to the garden (or dirt pit right now).

So I have to thank my girls (L and R) for the push in the right direction on the wood floor cleaning because I was honestly dreading using the other stuff.... this worked like a charm.

I have a card making afternoon scheduled for next week too.  I have a list of ideas for what I want to do but there is only so much one can do in 5 hours.  SOOOO I have to cull that list. 

So I have this rainbow card I think I am going to make (pre cutting the sentiment, pre cutting the base and using the avery elle scallop frames instead), I also am really deep into the idea of making cards similar to this card.... it's just so rad.. and can be used for so many things right?  And seriously how amazing is this card? So I have some plans.... 

Now if I can just get my act together and prep everything in advance....

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