Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Buzz Books Spring and Summer 2016 and two books that I read excerpts from today that sound awesome...

If you are interested in reading about upcoming books for this summer beach or vacation reads.... here is a link where you can check out some great options!

Here are a couple that really look amazing and interesting to me!

For the mystery:
A husband accused of his wife's murder, which has taken place while he is teaching art history, all the while his daughter of three years old has been left alone .... intrigued?  I was! 

I read the excerpt and the full summary and while I immediately went to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl (of course)... the summary read more mystery of a town then mystery of a marriage.  Then did a little further digging about the story and it then spans over two decades when the little girl is a full grown woman and she learns more about what happened. 

It was delightful if that could be the right thing to say.

I really look forward to reading the entire book!

For the interesting factoids about science:

So I dare to admit this... but.... I am sorta new to the Star Wars genre.  Sure I saw the first movie when it came out ... that is another story for another time... ok wanna know ... here is the short version...just know that I thought it was a Barbara Streisand move and my tender 10 year old world could NOT take going to see that movie...  at all... pitched a fit.... got to the movie theater... mind blown.

SOOOOOO I see this title... I think know... we don't actually ever see any of the characters reading anything and the language displayed on everything is all odd and weird and wouldn't that be interesting if that display actually does read "mach 10 five forward" or whatever they do in the movie but Luke sees it as random shapes and stuff.

I have never been a science fiction buff... or really fan.  But reading this excerpt made me think... ok... he writes about "scifi" in a way that is funny and not StarCon CosPlay (not that there is anything wrong with that) kind of way.  His little bit about Omni Magazine made me laugh out loud because my Dad too had a subscription... you'll see what I mean when you read the book.

Again... any book that can make me laugh while stepping outside my personal boundries of what I think I like... is a certain winner. 

(note:  I did receive access to the excerpt for free from the Penguin First to Read program... there was no compensation made and seriously... my love for what I read has nothing to do with reading it through the program) 

If either these (or you want to check out excerpts too)  sound interesting... please let do not hesitate to click this link to Publisher's Marketplace to see if there is something there you would be interested in checking out (yes seriously... pun intended).

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