Friday, February 05, 2016


So there is nothing like a haircut.  I miss my previous stylist / haircutter lady.  She cut my hair for years (like 20) and then last summer she decided to move to be closer to her mom.... I was happy for her. Sad for me of course.

So I have struggled.  I went to Floyds out of desperation about four months ago because I didn't want to cut my bangs anymore and wanted to go from longish to shorter.  

Today I was supposed to get my haircut again but sadly had to miss the appointment because of a minor work emergency.... I was super annoyed.  Like to the point that I almost did not answer the phone call when it came in annoyed.  But I picked up the phone, thought how I could help and did and then sat her in the kitchen thinking I really need a hair cut.

So scissors in hand... went up stairs to the bathroom and cut my own hair.  I have no fear.  Ask my Mom... the weekend before my brother's bar mitzvah I essentially gave myself a mullet because I wanted spikey hair... but she stopped me before I could finish so in all the bar mitzvah pictures Booger's sister has a mullet.  It was spikey just not all over like I wanted.  My mother was not happy.  Pissed would be the right word.  

BUT today's foray into self styling.... better.  So so much better.  not spikey.  not a mullet.  And not the best haircut I have ever given myself but certainly and my 15 year old self would agree.... not the worst either.  

Five minutes and I am happier had I waited to reschedule... which would probably have been another four weeks for me to pull the trigger and do it.  But in another four weeks I will have had a little growth and I can go get something better.  I just couldn't take one more minute of the hairballmushroom thing happening on my head.  

Phew. So that is done.  

Now I can go into the evening not annoyed or frustrated.... I can just chill with shorter hair.

Can I hear an amen?

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