Sunday, January 03, 2016

Where do you get your inspiration from?

So I am not particularly artsy or craftsy... I like to think that I am... in July I got invited to a coworker's house to make cards and stamp with them.  I fell hard... deep and hard.  I have now opened up my life to paper crafts in all it's forms. and it's crack I tell you... addictive, fun, frenetic and amazing for me.

I say this honestly and without any regret... I am getting better and am embracing my ability.  BUT that doesn't mean that I am very good.

So yesterday I kindle borrowed (yeah that is thing) from the library (and thank goodness this ebook thing exists because I have the kindle app on everything and read all the time now) a book about "art journaling".  It was written by a young lady (I am assuming) named Nicole Rae .  I am not endorsing her book but saying this... I found some of her techniques very interesting... she unabashedly alters books.... I don't know that I can do that.  I did make a card for a friend for his birthday with a page out of an Elvis book that we got for free at 2nd and Charles (he is known as the Velvet Elvis... It was the hardest thing I have ever done taking that page out of the book and gluing it onto that card but it was awesome.  So I am going to embrace the idea.  Not exactly do it (yet) but embrace the idea. Because that is the goal... embrace the unknown and try to try.

I have a metric ton (well close) of supplies and just ordered more.  I told F that this is the year that I actually do something with all the rocks that I got because Zoester from the block needs to use them and not hoard them. 

So looking for inspirations and ideas where ever I can! 

Yesterday I started a binder for ideas. Some of those ideas will be ones that I sketch out, pull from blogs, see friends make pull from Pinterest and that kind of thing.  I think honestly if I have them printed, collated and in front of me I will be more interested in trying them versus archived as a link in feedly.  

Oh and if you are interested.... here are some of but not all of the cards and projects I have on my Crafty Cards Pinterest Board. The link will take you to my ideas for cards and projects I want to try (and not all of them of course but the ones that I want public) ... then the final result will sometimes be posted Cards I Have Made Pinterest Board.  

Here are five of my favorite inspiration blogs too by the way (not all of them, more will come later....  and why I love them.... ) 

A Beautiful Mess - started following this blog because it was colorful and matched my personal design aesthetic... they seem friendly (even though they use the phrase "hey guys" alot... shudder)... and fun.  Their projects are not complicated, their recipes seem to work (I am at high altitude). They like the fun cocktail.  

Studio DIY - Um Kelly Mindell believes in color.  And food and fun.  I will probably never actually make a single project listed but the ideas she puts together are amazing.  Seriously amazing.  And fun.... her love of donuts is unparalleled and I love that. It's like a smile and a hug from a fun friend when the posts show up on feedly.  

Paper and Stitch - this blog is gorgeous... again ... inspired by the colors and ideas... the projects seem doable and fret free... 

Shutterbean - oh dear... everything... just everything... layout, lists, recipes, hand lettered stuff... everything.  How this woman finds the time is beyond me... this is the inspiration (and I don't even have a young child like she does.... a husband and a puppy are enough.... this woman is super).

Jennifer McGuire Ink - there are tons of card making bloggers out there... usually they are tied to one particular vendor or sponsor....but Jennifer McGuire is an equal opportunity maker.  Seriously seriously good videos and tutorials. Her tone is mellow and calm (which some are not) and her projects are doable and not the same old thing over and over. 

Damask Love - Oh how I wish I knew this woman.  I seriously do.  But I have just have to follow her lead. Her projects are colorful... did I say colorful? Her attitude is just what I need for the kick in the pants.... plus when I read her bio I really wanted to know her.  Best blog for me out there... Just the right amount of sass and fun.  Plus she has projects on her blog for all levels which is fantastic. Some are kid friendly (which is good since we have neighbor kids that like to hang out at our house) and some are a lot more advanced... and colorful.  

So you see while I walk around in all black... I do have lots of color and joy in my heart.... I hope to get more of this out in the world. Maybe one day there will be a post with me kicking up my heels in a bright pink skirt.... I do have the doc martens that would go with it!  Hey it's a start!

​Say hello to Marty while you marvel at my amazing Docs.  
PS Thanks Fashionation !

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