Monday, December 28, 2015

So I have a goal on Goodreads to read 50 books by the end of the year... I am going to come up WAY WAY short.... only 22 completed and I am working right now on Hollow City.... which I probably will NOT complete by year end... So this is a bummer for me... I really thought that I would be able to read a book or so a week last year.

Not sure what my goal will be for 2016... I am thinking I will stick with 50 as well... I think it's a reasonable goal.  

But a goal is a goal.

ALSO.... I am dumping links and blogs from my feedly reader by the dozens... I decided that I am only going to read things that make me happy... ie: no gossip sites and no fake news sides... so buh buhye Gawker, Gothamist, UpRoxx, Defamer, DListed (i know  i know... I should keep that one soley for the "hot slut of the day" and follow ups on Richard Simmons... but I simply can't), Hollywood Reporter, Neatorama and Vanity Fair. Seriously and I am going to direct you here:  Vulture from NY Mag actually will cover ALL of those listed above.... without taking away the smarts. 

I am getting rid of also some other blogs that I generally just click through because I can't keep up.... Bored Panda, Cool Hunting, I Spy DIY, 1000 Life Hacks, Boing Boing (I simply can't keep up with it), Consumerist (how I wish I could keep up with it) and Mashable (why did I even pretend that I could keep up with it).  

Yeah and this is embarrassing... I have a tumblr.... What? The? What?!  I had it linked in my feedly.  I don't understand Tumblr actually so it's no surprising the last thing that I linked there was over 500 days ago.  Can I let that go?  I suppose I will have to.  Nope... just found the post it button... so welcome back oh tumblr... I have missed you????

I have to dump SoBadSoGood soley because of the autostart durge of videos on their feed... It completely pisses me off because the videos always seem to start from halfway down the page and completely unexpected.  It's too much and a bummer because it's a good feed actually.

I am down now to 48 linked blogs/sites. From over 300.  In less than an hour... and seriously not at all as painful as I was thinking it would be.

Now for the hard stuff... Pinterest.  I have 5987 pins.  My goal?  I dunno... something managable that I can actually do?  I mean I want to move things into my "I have done this" board... sooooo I have to keep only the things that I actually am going to do, make, cook, buy, craft, play, read.  There currently only lives 134 pins of things that I have done from my pins so it's time for that to get undercontrol too.

I gots some work to do.

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