Friday, December 25, 2015

So I not one for resolutions... but ...I resolve to use many many more ellipses in this post than I have in any other

With that "but" up there means I have conditions for myself... these have to be goals that I know that I can meet... goals that I have wanted to achieve but didn't make the time...

1).... follow fewer Pinterest boards... meaning pin less ... meaning MAKE MORE (I have to be much much more selective about which folks I follow and even more selective about which sub pinterest boards I follow too... it's nuts.  You may only meaning I may only follow 300 boards but that could actually mean 1000s of boards ... it's way too much.

2).... go to the stupid gym... I have only actually gone a handful of times this year... seriously... I could probably count on my hands (maybe a few toes) how many times I actually went to the gym... that mean's F didn't go that much either.  So we need to get on that... it's paid for (at least through January... then we reup... )so lets make that habit a habit starting now...

3) catch up on the shows I have in queue on Prime... again.. this is something I can do AT THE GYM while I am on the treadmill... It's doable, but I have my conditions... I should be at the gym.

4) last year I pledged to read 50 books on Good reads... I slacked and read 32... that isn't a bad number and it's more than half of what I pledged. So this year.. I am pledging 40 books.  It could be fiction anything.. but 40... doable.

5) write.... I mean seriously write.... hash out stuff... by hand... 15 minutes a day... maybe 30 because seriously I write VERY specifically and it's long hand and specifically time consuming... but 30 minutes is nothing right?  It's a fraction of a moment sometimes... 

6) take at least 10 pictures of SOMETHING every day.... could be Marty or Fez or what I am making for dinner or candles or a plant... something... then upload just one of the this app called Day One which actually is pretty rad ... type in a couple sentences about what happened that day... good, bad, otherwise and boom ... after the year... publish the PDF and print it out... like a printed book... that too is completely freaking doable... DO AH BULL.... no excuses.  

Six little things... all doable... all things I kinda already do... but need to remember to do them more... so... resolutions? not so much... things to continue with... um ok... but it's out there now... 

I think I may also completely get rid of the blogger platform all together.  I haven't posted to it in oh how long.. you will have to look at the calendar over on that side -------------> of the blog since I am posting from email I can't be bothered to actually see... wait let me look at my sent email....oh dear... July.... so it's time to find another avenue. 

Looking into Mail Chimps Tiny Letter site.  It is also a free site also that seems to be used by journalists, other "vlogger" types and seems to have a very very clean interface.  I haven't zhuged my blogger since 8 bit was a thing it looks like... so.... that is also something I need to look into starting January perhaps.  

Maybe I will just cross post.  Blergh.  That is trite.  Pick one and stick with it Zoe... Maybe I stick with this.  This is my struggle... update or not... post blatherless boring nonsense or not... it's mostly been not.

It is a decision that I am going to leave for another date and another time.  

Merry Christmas and Feliz Naviblah to you Pee Wee fans out there... I am going to go make a little hot chocolate and craft up some paper stuff....

This is the kind of stuff I am working on... need to get back to it today.

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