Saturday, January 09, 2016

So I have been busy this week with work and all... didn't have much time to read, read blogs, stamp, make a card... nothing.  Shudder.

Thursday I barely lifted my head off the pillow before I realized that it snowed last night and I had to go and shovel.  But we have bad ass man shovels that are huge so it took no time and I was off to work.


Netflix how to's from Thrillest - via Shutterbean (fez is in charge o' the Netflix but good to know in case I want to take this on)

Happy Birthday David Bowie and a link to the stream of Blackstar via Brooklyn Vegan (it sounds really reminiscent of some older work which is very cool)

Sex Pistols Themed Chuck Taylors from Converse - not sure how I feel about it but I secretly want these shoes bad (6.5 ladies if you so choose)

Tis the season to organize and plan, here are some pins - - I don't have a silhouette so I can't print some of the planner stuff, but there are good ideas to be found I am sure

Looking for a Hipstamic Film and Lens guide that is more up to date.... This one is cool... but only about 1/3rd maybe? 

Further info... Hipstography... lots of things here about Hipstamatic

I have a cold... made some chicken soup and I feel like my head it heavier than it has ever been.  Glergh.  The chicken soup helped but man... glad this happened on the weekend so I don't feel this gross at work.  

I think it might be time to go to bed and sleep this off.

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