Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comcast: You can suck it.

Dear Comcast:

Hi there... I know you are in the news alot lately.  Good luck overcoming this latest and very public shaming.  It's well deserved.  And I want to hug Ryan and his wife for publicly shaming you.  It's well deserved in my opinion.

For the record YOUR latest antics in my world come with a note taped to my door telling me that my service was scheduled for disconnection yesterday and that because I am such a "valued customer" you will hold off until July 18th.

Oh for goodness sake you have to be kidding me.  Your company is so completely inept that you can't take a phone number that has been ported off your switch completely off so NOT ONE OF MY CALLS actually gets routed correctly and then I have to call and tell YOU what is going on so you can fix it and then want to disconnect me? and you have the nerve to post some shadey looking handbill on my door telling me my account is past due and my account is being shut off? Really? Just typical and shame worthy.

Everyone thinks the phone call with your rep and Ryan (is it ok that I just call him by his first name) is hilarious and infuriating... but sadly as so very many of us can attest to.... there is a script.  Your call center employees follow that script and DO NOT DEVIATE no matter how badly it makes you look.  There are no lessons to be learned here.  None really. You have nothing to gain by treating people with respect and giving them the service WE PAY MIGHTILY for... nothing to gain at all.

So because you so badly messed us up, treated us badly for 8 weeks and then threaten me to cut my service off and take the equipment (1/2 of which I actually own) from us... we are going to ween ourselves from the tv.  I can use the money that I am paying for my cable and internet and actually order a fiber line or a t-1 to the house and have bandwith to my hearts desire and not the public wifi you seem to want to have me have in my house so that you can throttle me even more?  Not a chance Comcast.

Kudos to Larry in the store yesterday though for being an aggressive bastard and actually calling the phone number left on the flyer on my door and telling him that I am in good standing and to leave me alone.  But that came at my request after one of the other guys in the store who was supposed to be helping me... was too busy loading an app on his phone to be bothered.  Yep.  Seriously.  

Turns out it was a legit person working for Comcast and they have my information in error due to a previous account on the address.  Oops.  So you threaten me with out even checking who lives in the house?  Brilliant Comcast.  Par for the course.

Everyone is asking me if I heard the call.  Oh precious peanuts, I lived it.  I have been there and it doesn't end.  I called the customer service call center yesterday and was on the phone with someone in the Philippines for an hour trying to get to the bottom of it until I got so annoyed with their promises and assurances "to take care of this Mrs. Zoe, you are so important Mrs. Zoe , let me put you on hold a moment Mrs. Zoe... blah blah blah...." I just hung my cell phone up and went to the store. I swear... An hour and a half yesterday added to my tally of time with Comcast.  

So dear Comcast.... take your apologies to Ryan and put your money where you mouth is, respect your customer, those leaving, those who want to leave (::cough cough::: - - me) and those that have no other options.  

On shore your call centers, don't hire assholes and give a shit. Do your job that we pay you for. Port numbers off your switches correctly.  Don't threaten current paying customers and get people in your call centers that can actually do something and not read a script for a living.  

If you do all these things you won't be made a spectacle of when someone has the common sense to actually record how badly we are treated.

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