Friday, June 20, 2014

Barnes and Noble... purveyor of printed and electronic materials... oh how I miss seeing you sometimes. Last night we went in to pick up John Water's new book Carsick.  We first heard that he was writing a book about hitchhiking when he was picked up by Here We Go Magic while they were on tour. 

I am seriously in straight up white girl, straight girl crush with John Waters.  Always have been always will be... if I had the balls I would get this picture tatooed as a tramp stamp on my coccyx area.   

I think very secretly one of the reasons I am in such crush and deep love with F is that he has actually worked with Mr. Waters.... It's like one step away from him....I could probably just go to his house and say hey there John... you know my man... want to go get a beer?  Come on ... lets do this thing.  And you know I bet he would because John Waters is awesome.  

Here is a nice little video of Mr. Waters taking you on a date:

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Book mark this as it's going to come in handy during the holiday season but seriously it is more worth it to actually buy the cds... find them used.... they are ahmazing....

Anyway... got a little fan girl on you there.... sorry.... So back to Barnes and Noble.

We walked in and frustratingly were greeted by the monolith of Nook displays that have probably taken over every store.  Whatevs.  So we look around all the new books... no John Waters book.  Weird... he just did a HUGE book signing at Union Square in NYC and a book launch so seriously... why no luck at our local store.  We look back in the new section in the Biography... there are four books on Hillary Rhodam Clinton... no John Waters.  

We finally go to the front of the store, ask for some assistance, they call a guy to meet us at the Customer Service desk, because the gal at the registers (who I can only imagine's soul is being slowly sucked from her having to ask people if they are a member and if not would like to be) isn't allowed to find out if the book is in stock.  The guy says oh yes the book is here... well... it's buried underneath a new book display table.  How on earth would we have ever found it there?

So before we left that area....I re-merchandised.  Put that book and it's four other brothers up on the top of the table right where it should have been in the first place.  Seriously B&N... some book about alcoholism and weening yourself to 1 drink a day is far less important that John Waters getting rides from strangers and meeting people along the way and their stories.  So I moved the book up.  

I look forward to spending my Weekend with John Waters....what about you?

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