Sunday, July 27, 2014

A question was posed on a blog a few Friday's ago about "Do You Have a Best Friend".  I really do... as an adult I have realized that I have two... and if you were to ask me this when I was 15 and said when you are forty something (::cough cough:: forty seven... but a hip forty seven I might add :: cough cough::) who will your best friends be? I would have been shocked my my answer today.

The first is my mother.  (see what I am saying about my 15 year old self being shocked). See my Mom is a wealth of strength and information. She really is amazing.  Without sharing too much, because we don't share here, you know that by now I hope, I will say... she is an international business woman, a care giver, an amazing brownie baker, a phenomenal balubusta of the highest order, a woman with impeccable taste in design and a wonderful listener.  She rarely gives advise unless its completely and 100% warranted and asked for.  She cares and loves her family more than anything in the whole world and would protect them with both claws up.  She is the original.  And I look to her everyday for inspiration and strength.  I would call her every day but I temper my want to do that to every couple of days.

The other is my husband.  When we met 18 years ago I knew right away we would be friends. Then we dated. Then he moved and we didn't talk for 14 years.  (There wasn't alot of internet back then).  So when I ran into him nearly 5 1/2 years ago I really thought we would just be friends again.  That we would be able to share a few good times and enjoy each other's company once again.  Within a week I knew I was back in love with him and was going to marry him.  And here we are.  We went out to dinner on Friday to get tacos and it was the most wonderful evening.  Just us spending time with one another. Sitting on a couch at the Starbucks (ok ok THE Starbucks) drinking latte's and talking and laughing.  I would do that with him every night.  Except now we own a home and have a patio where we do that too. I sat in the basement yesterday afternoon while he was playing his sax just loving him and the fact that it was so lovely.  We have great adventures together.

In fact he is surprising me right now with one... we are leaving the house... I will report back what me and one of my best friends experienced today.   

I hope you had an adventure today too!

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