Sunday, December 28, 2014

Inspiration can come from anywhere right?

So here is the deal.  I will change the template of this here wordpress blogie blog blog at the begining of the year...  I can't seem to get this one currently to fit what I want to do with it so I just abandoned it for a couple of weeks to freshen up my opinion and thoughts and focus.

I know it's a silly thing to fret about but appearances are everything in the blogosphere, even when you have not one follower (that isn't a passive aggressive statement because I am not posting for anyone but me at this point in the game).  My old blog (and I am cross posting it) has a couple followers (lots of fours of people actually) and I felt like I was pandering to them when I wrote anything. So that inspired me to get back to wordpress and do something here vs. blogger.  So there is that little tweek to inspire me and cross posting it will maybe be the kick in the ass that I need... make me accountable to the internets... oh holy internets .

I have read alot in the last few  months.  I finished Beautiful You .  I have been a LONG time literary fan girl of Chuck Palahnuik since the mid 90s I would say... whoa nelly that is a long time.  There has only been one of his books that I just couldn't get into but that is a discussion for another time.  This was a fun little literary rollick, a quick read, interesting take on the female pysche (but not too deep a take) and worth the read.  Some of the reviews I don't think get past the first scene or they haven't read one of Mr. Palahnuik's stories before and were given a preview copy (of which I had actually but waited until the release day to start it.).  Get past it, it will make sense as you delve into the meat of the story.   

My husband who had the opportunity to interview him and learned that he wrote the book quickly as a way to deal with a personal situation.  

I only wish I had the ability to write something so quickly, with as much wit and social commentary as a way to "deal with anything".  I find that when I do write, it's reactionary to either something I have seen that may tickle my fancy or something that really doesn't. But it's never about personal therapy in any way.  And this is where I am inspired.  Instead of posting how I made an amazing tomato sauce from a link I found on Pinterest... Maybe I write about what it feels to me to cook.  

Can you tell that alot of this has to do with having the "feels" as my friend GLove said the other day to me on the FB.  

I also read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  I rather enjoyed it... I was transported.  It didn't become a huge part of me like it effected so many others but I certainly can see how so many people wanted more and more.  But what absolutely thrilled me was that this book came out of working on a novel during NaNoWriMo a few years back.  It's amazing to see that great and interesting writing can sometimes see the light of day and turn into a rather amazing novel full of images and thoughts and scenes that really are rather magical.  

I have tried to read Paint it Black by Janet Finch (again... this may be the fourth time).  Each time I have read it I get a little further, but each time after I read about 20 or so pages past the last time....I get overwhelmed by how very not good the book is and how repetitive and cliche the writing is.  Honestly,  if I wanted to read books about punks in LA during the 80s I need to save myself the agony and re-read my journals or Life After Death and Other Stories by Susan Compo .  Sure there won't be a wildly talented Mother figure that plays piano but characters that I actually like and revisit.  Sorry Janet Finch... I get that the character likes her Voddy but Vodka is called VODKA for a reason.... your trying to hip it up was boring still.  

So what these three books (amongst the other that I have read) reassures me that there are creative ways of writing out there... either to get past pain, loss and a difficult moment in one's life..... or to write a novel (or it's predecessor) in a month) or to completely write a scene or a story full of characters you wish you knew or did know.  So for me it's time to pick up a script that I started about 20 years ago.  Re type it up... Edit that little bitch up and rework it from script format with full dialouge to challenge myself to write it as a novel. A short story or something... just take it back up. 

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