Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Greetings and Salutations....

Trader Joes opened here in CO .... I have only been twice. Seriously.  I went on opening day because I just couldn't help myself (and it was on the way home from work if I went the long way)... and then we went the following week. I think I am still excited about it.  All I know is that we have had a couple of their pre-made frozen dinners.  One was ok, the other was far, but I am so glad to have the enchiladas locally.  No more freezer burned cheese enchiladas. So for that I am thankful.  Oh and the macaroni and cheese bites.... yeah they are pretty fantastic.  Trader Joes won't be our source for all things kitchen and pantry but it's so nice to have the ability should we so desire to drive 10 minutes versus the five hours we have had to before.  Or rely on the kindness of my brother to bring me things when he comes to town.  Now what is he going to do?  

Another little gastronomical treat that has opened here is the latest outpost of Voodoo Donuts from Portland.  We needed to go on Sunday to pick up donuts for my office.  I lost a bet on the outcome of the Canada/USA Olympic hockey match.  it wasn't really a bet that I am sad that I lost because hello.... donuts... but it's nice that on a Sunday at 6 pm I can run and get donuts and hello over the top weird donuts with cereal on them.  Had USA won the guy would have had someone ship from home maple fudge... so really I am winning because that just doesn't sound good.  The maple candy was just not so great.   Worth standing in line for an hour I suppose.  Which is completely ridiculous an hour for donuts. But we really enjoyed the folks in line.  It was a really interesting crew.  What is really funny is that there is this HUGE hullabaloo about "hipsters" being dumb for standing in line for an hour for donuts there... but seriously... Sunday night I saw only hipsters behind the counter... NOT in line at all. 

In other stupid news that means so little to anyone else that might actually peruse this .... I am officially dumpling all the extensions on Chrome.  Holy memory hog.  The deal here is... it worked so well with Firefox and I am seriously thinking about migrating back to it for my home use and use chrome at work (because I can there).  Yeah thats where that is. 

Nothing major on the photography front. I haven't been to a show in a while and mostly everything I have taken has been with with Iphone. Not that it's a bad thing but it's not technically challenging.  I hope once spring springs around here I will be motivated but for the time being....not so much.

Thats about where I am at today.... blarg and boring.  Sorry.

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