Saturday, April 05, 2014

What to do? Oh what to do? In my case... the calm and rational thing

So what do you do in today's day and age of instant video, instant anger and instant frustration?

In my case today.  I sat and waved.

I was driving.  I was stopped at a three way stop waiting for my turn to proceed and the lady in the convertible audi behind me thought I should have gone faster.  Unbeknownst to her I am guessing she didn't see the car in front of me also waiting at the stop sign. So she honked.  Ok she laid on the horn alot.  Then expletives were yelled.  That I could hear over Terry Gross talking to someone about his book about the financial crisis.  That was more important to me actually than speeding in Arapahoe County where the sheriff's notoriously are around.  (sadly they weren't today). So as she drove behind me she continued to lay on her horn.  Then she pulled in front of me and stopped short.  

Because I just was able to slow down and not get in an accident that further enraged her.  As I sat waiting for her to move forward... I certainly wasn't going to get in front of her again.... She started in on the verbal abuse.  

What do you do?

She moved forward and almost spun out and I realized I needed to stay far behind at least two car lengths so as to "not engage"... I mean this is what you do.  Don't let the punk rock attitude you normal would have raise your hand in the middle finger salute because she already has that raised high.  I figured if I could see her finger raised I was too close.  

But... we get to a stop light.  Now what to do?  So I pulled up.  Behind her at an appropriate distance. I remember in driving ed when they taught us to pull up behind a vehicle to get close enough but far enough away that you can see the street behind the back tires of the car in front of you.  Yeah this pissed her off.  Hard.

What to do?

I rolled down the window... I can listen the the Fresh Air interview on the internet later I decided.  I wanted to hear what she was actually yelling.  I hope that lady doesn't have any soap at home because it should go directly into her mouth.  Shame on her.  Then.... she pulled out her cell phone.  I suspect that she was shooting "video" .... I hope she was because she is going to hear her filthy mouth.  At the angle she was holding her phone I am not sure if she actually was able to see me, but I sat there for a minute.

Trust me. 
I wanted to flip her off.  I really did.

I kept both hands on the wheel. Then I waved at her.  

The light changed... she sped up while screaming that she had me on camera... then stopped short again.  I slowed down.  Rolled up my window and sat there.  

Then she sped up and went up Valencia and around the round about never to be seen again. 

What to do.  Take a moment. Breathe. Don't flip someone off because they are going through something, whether it be a bad case of having to get somewhere in a hurry and right now at not cost or care about any speed limit or maybe she was going to a hospital because she was hemorrhaging and dying.  I don't know.  I seriously am hoping for the latter if you must know.  

I will say her aggression and anger took her probably 5 miles away from her intended place where she needed to go to so quickly.  

She will have a video of her screaming and yelling which won't make her look very good if she puts it up on the youtubes.  But if you do see a video like that and a lady waving back... that's me... share the link and let me know she has made me a video superstar.  At least I am home safe and sound... I doubt the same will be said for her. 

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