Monday, January 13, 2014

What kind of trouble did I get into this week?

Items bought
  • Pretty much it was only groceries last week and that isn't a bad thing... we are trying to make sure that we don't consume much in January and February.  I bought a bottle of wine for a thank you gift and we might have to buy some school supplies but that's about it.  

Movies and TV watched
  • The CBGB Movie (there is no website anymore for the movie's official release, so I link to a reviewer that actually watched the movie and gets I think what they were trying to do with the film) - ok so here is my take.  Certainly it is not the definitive historical document many people wanted it to be.  Most certainly some of the portrayals of the musicians were beyond stiff and somewhat comical, but would you want to watch an actress try and actually sing Debbie Harry's songs or hear Debbie Harry actually singing it?  I vote for the latter personally. But the theme of the movie was that this was a comic strip... and this was a graphic novel comic strip of a movie.  I only wish that the critics and those critical of the movie actually understood that (and actually watched the movie).  My guess is that those that bemoan the movie is that they didn't really watch it because anyone who actually did watch it would have "gotten" that point. It pretty much head butted you from the first frame.  Watching it as a comic strip come to life ... best way to actually enjoy the movie.  Will we watch it again?  Maybe... maybe not.  Are we glad we have the dvd? Yes.   We may run it in the background at a party.   But for 90 minutes honest to betsy we were entertained, which was the whole point.  
  • Bettie Page Reveals All (note that your work filters might block the link, mine does - says it's P0rn, wow... that is pretty remarkable - this is the site for the movie release.... and it's incredibly tame.... whatevs) - I broke my pledge to not see movies in the theater, I get really annoyed with the idea that I am basically spending 12 bucks to see a dvd.  BUT not knowing when this might actually end up on dvd we didn't really want to miss the chance.  It was actually a really well done documentary, sometimes they aren't.  I am NOT someone that knows all that much about Betty Page so learning about her and seeing gorgeous and amazing photos never seen before was a treat.  I certainly understand the enduring quality and reason for the fanaticism.    

Books read:
  • I am STILL working on Night Film - I was saying that it was soooooo good that I didn't want it to end, but literally I just haven't found the time to even pick it up so see if that is true anymore.  
Things I have cooked that are new to us (probably from a pinterest pin: 
  • I made Monkey Bread, a Harvey Wallbanger cake, spaghetti with mizithra and brown butter, fettucine alfredo with chicken
IPhone Apps Added
  • Litho - a layering app for photos - it's ok.  I am not sure where the "facebook" upload goes to because they don't have my information but it shows that I am logged in.  That is the only oddity. Oh and the interface is weird but that is workable. 
  • Any.Do - since TeauxDeaux went pay and oddly expensive to me, I needed a free app again.  I really missed making lists on my phone. This one is free and has a Chrome extension that synchs pretty well automatically. 

  • There are some great great shows coming up at Dazzle but sadly nothing this week that we have gone to.  

We put together a really snarky little annual newsletter/wrap up.  I started out doing it as a spoof on a cousins then realized, I totally understand why people do it.... it's actually fun to go back and remember the fun things that happened in the last year.  Maybe next year we will take it more seriously and send it out to more people.  

PS I totally have stolen this idea from the Pugly Pixel website and blog, whose design skills and tutorials are amazing!  I don't know where she finds her energy but obviously it's incredibly inspiring!

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