Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year end wrap up

So this is a thing, it appears, that populist bloggers post  wrap ups of their year, either in back links to posts or lists.  Since I was a terrible blogger and didn't post much at all this year it's going to have to be listicles.  

Events of Note
- Tied the Knot with Mr. F. : yep that was the big one.  Epic actually.  After proposing in a way that made me ugly cry we got hitched up all formal like in September.  Outside of the few little things that I didn't particularly like (our photographer, the design of our cake, our hotel staff) it was pretty much the best wedding I will ever have.  From the dress to my husbands shoes, to our officiant and our ceremony.  It was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better day.  I am a lucky peanut to have married my best friend.  

- Honeymooned in NYC: I didn't eat my weight in Pastrami from Katz's like I had wanted to, but I did see Herbie Hancock perform Rock It in Jersey while sitting next to a lady who had the most fantastic fingernails I have ever seen.  Walked everywhere and figured out the subways, I could go back tomorrow.

- My Grandfather passed away - my last living grandparent.  It was tremendous and a huge loss for me.  I had some of the funniest conversations with Ben in the last two weeks of his life I had ever had with anyone.  He was my date for some many years it was really devastating for me.   His whit was razor sharp until the end.  I really miss having that joy in my life.  And I am very sad that he wasn't with us in the physical sense to see us get married. 

- Got settled and happy in my new job - after the year I had before that I can honestly say that anything would have been better.  What a pleasent surprise that I ended up exactly where I am supposed to be.  I don't want to say thank you to "Chuckles" for kicking me out of my last job, but I do. His making me miserable got me where I needed to be.  By January I had full movement in my left arm, by March I was the only administrative person holding down the fort, by June we had a full administrative team, by October I got a service award, and today I am respected and appreciated.  It's a glorious thing.  I am fortunate as hell that I got this job because I was about to give up.  Just goes to show... don't.  

- Traveled to Portland to see Patti Smith (on a lark)  -  I was looking at a blog some where and saw that Patti Smith was playing JazzFest in NOLA.  I thought, well that certainly isn't a place that I was going to want to see her, and I got on her website and saw that she was playing Seattle (which was sold out) but Portland wasn't.  Found a perfect hotel, got perfect plane tickets and had a perfect and amazing time.  We had the perfect seats, ate some perfect meals (again, including some pastrami from Kenny and Zukes, lovely donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts {twice}) and spent a nice few hours in Powells.  Not too shabby.  And then to top it off... seeing Patti Smith.  I mean seriously.  Patti Smith.  Got some decent pictures even.  

Websites of Note
- I love me some Pinterest-  ok who doesn't?  I mean really.  I was reading OhJoy and saw her link to her boards and immediately got hooked.  I have a gabillion recipes and craft ideas pinned that one day I really hope to actually do at least one.  It saved my ass when I was getting married as I was able to pin items for the wedding and have them close at hand in an easily formatted way.  I totally overpinned there but it is interesting to go back and look at what was interesting to me at any one time.  LOVES me the Pinterrest. 

- Feedly - How am I supposed to find stuff for my pinterest if I don't have content to read.  I mourned the end of Google Reader.  I really did.  I found Feedly and honestly after my initial feelings of "meh" in regards to how it worked, I am slowing going through and deleting blogs and feeds that I either mostly skip through (:: cough cough:: I am looking at you Mashable).  I want to get to a maintainable list that I can get though in say an hour TOTAL a day, not HOURS and a WEEKEND.  So while i love you Feedly... I want my weekends back.

- Amazon - most folks like Amazon.  Why do I include it here?  Oh well because it houses my goal to read more.  I can get my chicago style medium heat giardiniera there.  I can check out library books for my Kindle app there.  I mean it's like a magical depository of all the things that I love and consume soon with drones. What's not to love?

People of Note:
- My parents - I don't talk about them much online at all. They are beyond private people for a myriad of understandable reasons (many of them that I completely agree with).  But I love them.  They are amazing.  If I were to tell my 19 year old self that when I had a curfew and was slogging home from Thirsty's back in the day I think I would have believed me then, but now...holy shit I love them.  They are funny, compassionate, kind hearted, smart and most of all my family.  I could not be a luckier person than to have them in my life.  

- Mr. F - This man makes me laugh every flippin' day.  And he doesn't mind that most evenings are spent with me leaning over my computer going through my stupid Feedly list just to slog through it.  I want only the best for him because it's what he gives me everyday. Again... I couldn't be luckier.

There are friends of course, they are amazing and come on kids.... lets make 2014 the year we have brunches with punch bowls (not AT the Punch Bowl though), we have talked about that shit for how long?  Come on.... we need to make that happen. 

- Brian at the Bluebird -  Seriously, this guy made our Save the Dates awesome. Thank you for saying "yes" to us with out ANY hesitation.  Denver Venue management... you have a keeper in this guy.  He is amazing. 

- Our Wedding photographer - my brother - without question we thank you... from capturing our ceremony (we love you you silly glasshole) to making sure Mom did get the pictures that she wanted.  We have pictures that are in focus and are meaningful.  Note that our hired photographer was ok.  Just ok.  Not one of his pictures is in focus really though.  and shhhhhhh I don't think the pictures on his website are ones that he actually took..... ssssshhhhhh.  But he captured some moments that is for sure.  My Mother in Law thinks they are ok and is going to print some out for herself.  Bully for her.  I will stick with the glasshole's pictures thankyouverymuch.  We love you MS shit tons.  See you in a couple days my friend.  

Meals of Note:
- Meatball sandwich at Carbones -  sadly the family closed the deli over the summer.  We are so thankful we were able to go there on most Saturdays and some Mondays to get our sandwhich-ey goodness.  We pick up at Carmine Lonardo's deli (same family different brother I believe) and it's wonderful, but we miss Rosa so much.  She dispensed the best marriage advise I got from a stranger yet:  Make him (meaning F) happy... want to know how to do that?  Food and "well you know", with a wink.  From a good catholic woman from Italy... I am guessing.  

-Dinner in March at Fruition -  not because the meal was particularly wonderful, I mean the food was ok, but holy crap the tables are so damn close to one another.  We heard EVERYTHING next to us from what I honestly can say is the most miserable couple ever.  They are perfect for one another.  And it did get us out of there so we were able to have a better and much much more memorable evening.  

- Chile Relleno Burrito at El Taco De Mexico -  This was the year of the relleno burrito.  In fact I am going to leave work early today, pick up my husband for lunch and we are going to go down so I can end the year on a high note.  I love the place so much.  I have family memories there (first place I ever had horchata, I was with my dad), I remember when they put the big huge billboard up in the parking lot, I remember when it was in the old Rocky Bilt building before the new and lovely building they are in, I honestly wish I was there right now.

- Spaghetti Factory-  Yeah I said it.  The Spaghetti Factory.  Shut up, I know it's mediocre.  I know that it's not fancy.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it does in a pinch.  

- Don Giovanni's in Hells Kitchen -  speaking of Italian red sauce joints.  Seriously.  Seriously.... this place. Oy this place.  Not only was our meal unbelievable,  our waiter was hilarious, the owner is amazing too... when I called about a meal for a friend for her honeymoon they just made the magic happen.  It's our favorite place in the whole wide world.  We thank you Don Giovanni's in Hells Kitchen... really we do love you all there. 

Promises of Note
- I will try and post more regularly with some form of function-  Can't just make this boring and without a point.  I need to use this space that is so kindly provided to me by Google for free (in trade for the back links and content fodder) and make it productive and worthwhile.  2014 will be the year of something with substance.

So cheers to a nice year end for you all and a nice and magical new year as well.

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