Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Me too LG ... me too....

My friend Lucia posted and had this title "I suck at blogging"...on a post today (actually it was last week... see?) .... this is one thing we do have in common.  She is busy on the road, doing her job... want to see what she is doing?  It's really cool..... check it out here ... she has an amazing excuse.   

I have NOT been doing anything that cool.  Or creative for that matter.

I had this goal... post and blog and share and post and blog.... I haven't done any of that.

I am taking/took my first actual vacation in a while.  It's a holiday "staycation" here, but I am really truly NOT worrying about work while I am here.  I have two items that I have to watch for and "work" while I am gone and honestly they aren't anything heavy, just approving two templates for letters and I can do that on my blackberry.  
I am a little freaked out that it's the middle of July.  Already.  Things are moving way way too fast for me I have to say.  This business of days turning into weeks into months so quickly is forcing me to reassess accomplishments (and blog posting).

But things are good. I guess that is about the best that I can do for now....

How have you been?

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