Tuesday, March 05, 2013

There is so much change on the horizon.  And its tremendously great.  

I have actually decided that after all the trials and tribulations that I have had over the last 60 days dealing with an unnamed cable provider that I am only actually going to turn said service on once during the week and on the weekends with F.  I really feel like over the last several YEARS (yes... fucking years) my sense of creativity has plummeted.  And only now can I say that I feel the need ... the need for... speed (into making art).   Doing something with myself.  

Over the weekend we went to a coffee shop, while F worked, I guess in a way I did too.  I busted out the pen, put it to paper and actually wrote.  Wrote y'all. It was glorious.  Oh how I have missed you coffee shop writing jags.  When I used to go to coffee shops all those many years ago, I plotted out screenplays, location shoots, shooting schedules, all that non-sense. I made art... when it was far less easy to do than it is now...dangfabled new technology that fits in the palm of your hand, where were you when I was in film school? 

But now I actually have ideas for all different types of mediums to work in.  

I was inspired by a painting of the Bluebird theater that I saw at Dazzle about a month ago and I just need to get and get a really good picture of the marquee so that I begin my project!  I mean seriously... I have a plan, I know how to execute it and seriously it's going to happen.  I have two other locations I want to do now as well... places in Denver that need this treatment.  I am making a spreadsheet.  That is how serious I am about this.  You know it's serious if I am making lists and spreadsheets!

Denver is really an amazingly creative town and for the last 10 years or so I have been so out of the loop, I have had my reasons... but the lull is officially over. Is it that the days are getting longer? Maybe. Is it that I realized honestly that there is no excuse. Absofuckinglutely.  

I made this promise to myself that I needed to do something... ANYTHING besides living as I have.  It's time.  

We came back from Portland on Thursday from all it's weird and wonderfullness and I realized...Denver really isn't all that different actually.  There is a growing coffee culture here. There is a growing wifi culture here.  There is an amazing art culture here. There is great pop culture here.  I know players in this culture (some much better than others of course).  Why am I sitting on my ass on my couch watching tv every night not "in it"?  It's completely ridiculous. 

I have a great situation during the day now (finally) that will allow for me to fly my freak flag a little higher than I have been able to in the past.  And not too high of course and certainly not in a rainbow mohawk kind of way (we saw a young lady in Powells with her amazing rainbow mohawk that I wanted to go up and hug...but this girl does have her boundaries) but, certainly in a I am going to do stuff kind of way. 

So here we go kids... it's on.  

Now to be completely and utterly domestic.  I am going to turn up the tunes ... a little Clash to get my booty shaking... and I am going to clean the house.  I have far too many piles of things laying that are keeping me down... time to start the major purge.  It's the best way I can think to start!  

Plus I have new art to hang!  

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