Thursday, February 07, 2013

Why I hate Entertainment Tonite by Zoe

"well it is pervasive"

That was a comment that was made tonight after the aired a segment about an anorexic woman.  Every fucking episode they go on and on about celebrity weight.  Tonight in two other segments they spoke about weight asked a model how she lost weight and another spoke about Whitney Houston's weight after she died. Seriously.  It's insulting and NOT interesting.

So the segment was about a woman who was a "former beauty queen" and who came to the United States put up a title card that filled the whole screen and gave her weight of 59 pounds and showed her walking on a beach like that was something that she does everyday.  I seriously doubt she has the energy to walk on a beach.  Then they missed a really amazing opportunity when Valerina stated that she felt pressure to be thin because of American Television shows talking about weight and weight loss.  Boom... right there.  

And Nancy O'dell says some statistics.  But nothing about how the show she is an anchor on a television show that NIGHTLY proliferates the thin is pretty myth.  And then the jaghole male anchor says "well it is pervasive".  It's enough ET and fuck you.  

Honest to betsy I just can't believe how the producers of "the most watched entertainment program in the world" can wake up every morning and produce this shit.  

As a former television producer I hang my head in shame.  It used to be a nightly segment on Anna Nicole Smith that made me so angry and now it's the multiple segments on weight.  Hey ET stop it.  It's enough.  You used to air junket segments, interview entertainers on relevant issues within entertainment and the industry. Hell I even remember when I was working on that tv show that rhymes with Smar Check back in the 90s it was a HUGE deal when E.T. would come to the set for press.  Like a big deal. Memos went out (us kids on the crew were mostly the ones that got them, I can't speak for our celebrity actors and actresses) to be on our best behavior  we were polite and respected what you were doing back in the Mary Hart and John Tesh days.  It was respectable.  NOW salacious. I suppose when you were sold from Paramount to CBS it's all about weight and boobs and celebrities with out make up (how much do THOSE paparazzo photos cost you?  OH and that is another thing but I can't harp on that...).  You are disrespectful and glib.  

Shame on you.  A hundred shames on you.  

And to totally fuck with your ratings... this girl, who you would call fat I am sure... will never watch you again, unfortunately since I can't watch your show I can not stop supporting your advertisers either... but know that one less tv on this planet will ever watch you again.  EVER. And if you read this producers of the show... consider the fact that you once meant something.  Now it's a fast moving charade of papparazo photos dressed up to be something you produced and even though you so politely put up a "ribbon" ... it's basically tits and ass.  

Get back to your roots.  Please.  Be interesting, kind and considerate.  Stop proliferating the images that make people live in an unhealthy space in their life.  

PS I am writing a more parsed email as well... but I can't because apparently the only "contact email" you have is a "give us a tip" web form.  I will have to do so there.... my tip is to stop it. Stop it now.  

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