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So in an effort to do some work tonite I thought I would really go through and edit my photos down.  I was plowing through and got stuck on these show shots from 2008... why because I was totally torn.  Do I delete even blurry terrible pictures of Jello Biafra opening for Slim Cessna's Auto Club or do I keep them even though they are blurry and well... not good... I decided that even blurry pictures of Jello Biafra are better than no pictures of Jello Biafra. 

Alot of the pictures from say 2007 and to 2008 that I have looked at are just terrible.  I mean drek.  Drek in a way that makes me sometimes go "what is that really a picture of" drek.  Those I have sent to the recycle bin.  Happy to do it I need the hard drive space to be quiet honest.  But I have gotten better.  I strongly adheare to the philosophy that even if there is ONE single shot that is great it was worth taking a 100. 

An aside from this show that I remembered as I was looking at the pictures... how awesome is Jello Biafra's shirt/sweater (you can see it is a sweater in the second shot up there)?  I mean seriously that is one really awesome article of clothing.  I remember telling F when we were at the show it was so great I wanted to find something like that for him because that is one punk rock fucking (sorry Valentine ... I did say I wouldn't use fuck so much... but I had to) shirt/sweater thing.  I never did follow up on finding something similar. Maybe the next time we see him at a show I will ask him about it... yeah we are (absolutely not) friends.  Another aside I did go up to him at the Wanda Jackson show and ask him for a hug... I don't think he liked it HALF as much as I did... I mean the guy is amazing and a legend... I had to...he was VERY nice about it by the way... I had my moment, he let me have it and moved on. I have not apparently.

By the way I remember a couple people in the crowd that night actually heckled him. It was rude and uncalled for and whoever you are...suck it.

Because this was the first time I actually took pictures of Slim Cessna's Auto Club I wanted to include the four shots that I actually am the most proud of from that night... keep in mind... the shots are not good... I know this but the show was unbelieveable (well they all are) and I had a great time. 

Not the best picture I have taken of Slim and Munly I have definately taken better, but this was the best of the bunch from this night. 


Slim without his hat on... I don't think in ALL the years I had seen them play this happened. It was August and hot as hades in there so I understand, but it was crazy.

The obligitory dark photo of Munly.

I have a a ton more pictures to go through... the files are sitting in the folders alphabetically... but I rocked through 2007 rather quickly.  I am looking for two specific pictures for my project (and they are from 2010, I think) but I wanted to begin the editing process at least and dump the out of focus picutres, the pictures of bands I don't remember that played at the hi-dive that I don't recognize (I was really bad about naming the folders correctly and in a fashion that allows for easy recal) and pictures of food and junk that I bought.

Remember when I thought that would be a neat project? Taking pictures of the things I bought at Target?  Well keep in mind, I bought alot of chocolate apparantly.  I dumped those pictures quick. 

Off to edit...
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