Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daylight savings jacked me up yo...and then no more Google Reader... the Mayans are winning and it's a SLOW APOCOLYPSE

Had a really really rough time getting out of bed and into work this morning... I have to admit. It was really really tough waking up to a dark room and getting motivated. BUT I know that all this is going to matter not at all when F and I adopt a furry baby soon so I need to embrace knowing that the idea of sleeping in at all, is a novelty.

Went and ordered glasses this weekend.  I really feel party to the old "bate and shift" issue with this living social coupon.  I gotta admit.  I am not happy about it at all and am hoping that the business will do right by me. I have been a customer since 2000 and honestly feel like I got taken for a ride.  I am hoping honestly when I go back into the business to pick up my glasses that I will be able to be logical and have them do right by me. If not I will find an alternative.  Easy to do that actually.  I have about 10 frames that I would be happy to just have new lenses put into over and over again someplace else, even at the dispensary that contracts out of where I work.  Honestly it would be easy enough to do.  I am just annoyed that I even have to have the conversation. 

~~added after I wrote that above ~~

So I went in to pick up my new glasses.  The gal at the counter was open to my issues and offered me a very paltry (but it was something) credit.  It was the gesture that mattered the most t me. I am happy to return but it will be VERY cautiously and knowing that I can order online from an optical store online.  But the fact that without question I got a little bit of a refund was really outstanding and a really great business model.  PS have you seen the options at Zenni Optical?  

Had a great weekend. Celebrated the begining of Denver Photography month by going and seeing Andrew Novick's Sweet Tooth show at The Shoppe.  It was really fun. There is a wall of pictures with 1000 deserts that Andrew has eaten.  He is even running a contest for the pictures.  Such such great fun but that is what Mr. Novick really is all about. He is super fun and I have the most immense girl crush on him... I always have... I try to be cool around him but I am not.   I become a stupid giggling idiot.  

BUT the biggest and nicest treat about the show was the cupcakes.  I have to hand it to the folks there at The Shoppe.  Gone is the shittay attitude, the snottieness and the super sweet frosting.  Seriously the flavors of the cupcakes we got were completely manageable, they were not over frosted, the girl at the counter was a delight and everyone in the place really did seem to be enjoying themselves at the show.  Congrats to ALL involved, it was the nicest 15 minutes I have had in there EVER.

Seriously... just read (I am slow to the party I guess since it was announced yesterday) that Google Reader is going away.  I am guessing that they can't monetize a RSS reader anymore and are going to push for using Circles, or something... I dunno.  Google Glass can't take up all their engineering can it???? And besides Reader doesn't or hasn't really changed in over two years.  Server space? That can't be it... yep bored.  I bet they are bored. They make so much money and don't want to create an interface that is beautiful and interactive... there are other places out there.  I have had a Feedly for about a year maybe.  Hardly ever used it because I am actually kinda happy with the Reader interface, it was easy and quick... but you know what.... Feedly seriously is gorgeous, also easy to use, includes pictures on the feed (where as sometimes Googles RSS reader would drop it)... and now Feedly is kinda my new reader of choice. I don't want to sway you either way to any specific reader out there... and you can always subscribe via email on the feedburner link over on MY sidebar (but keep in mind that is a google product too and will probably go away next, that is my guess).   But if you are looking for a pretty feed aggregator... Feedly would be my choice (and they have assured users that when Google Reader Sunsets they are prepared).  We will see.

In the meantime if you do use Reader... go to the Google Take out and back your shit up yo.  I have also because I am slowing becoming "that" girl.... exported everything to an excel spreadsheet.  Note that I seriously needed to just proved that I could go that geeky.  Understanding just a little about code and xml was helpful.  But seriously... just move your feed reader someplace else...

I also have several people that I know that are at SXSW. I can't say that I am too jealous of them.  I suppose next year we may be interested in going and checking it out... I should start saving my money and vacation days now because seriously I would want to go for both parts and that is super expensive, just for hotel and for badges, not much to say about food, beverages and miscellaneous shineanagans. 

I could probably get the technical side invites and F could get the media side invites and we would be good to go... but here is the rub... I don't really like that many people all around me all in one place trying to get into to see a show for 300 people with 3,000 waiting to get in line.  Fuck that.  I can't stand that business.  That is the MAIN reason why I took absolutely NO part in the Denver UMS this year.  I just couldn't take the lines and crowds.  Maybe this year I will find someway to get into it.  I don't know.  Doubtful.  

Off to play in the work sandbox for a little bit ... 

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