Monday, January 14, 2013

Ok back to our regularly scheduled programming of unsubscription documentation. Now with better linking I suppose.  I am currently on hold with Comcast to see if they can help me with a certain situation (and I bet because I do think they are awesome they will make that magic happen for me....)  actually that was a couple days ago... and of course I was told a completely different story by the new person, but it's logical and makes sence and hopefully by the end of the week I will have "the family phone number".... we shall see... it's an odd request but i am finding that the people that I do talk to about getting the phone number are all really compassionate and want to help, no one really seems to be equipped to handle the request easily... but we are working through it and everyone i talk with should be commended for how really awesome they have been!

so no better time than the present to keep working on culling down my reader subscriptions.

I will do the final batch in a couple days, I just wanted to get this out of my queue and move onto something else.  PS this purge has been amazing by the way... really giving me some valuable time back.  
Music and Culture type Blogs

The Independent Ear - International Film Series from CU Boulder's film program's independent music blog - it hasn't been updated since 2008, I do have the app for my phone which is kept up to date and they post the schedule which is completely and BEYOND impressive... we really appreciate what Pablo and his team do, keeping film alive, not that digital crap that is happening now... I don't want to pay 25 bucks a couple to see some dvd presentation of a movie at all... sooooooo we love them.... I will rant about the state of film later... wait for it.  

A Walking Disaster - Robert Castro, local Denver writer's music blog but it hasn't updated since 2010 after SXSW and an American Idol  Denver series appearance by the one and only Magic Cyclops it appears

Blue Collar Distro - a distribution company for music and musicians. Dead site that hasn't updated since 2008

Brofax -  this unfortunately hasn't been updated, but the archive is up - very nice that the last entry was the letter Neal Cassady wrote to his brother - a 150 entry blog about things in and around Denver 

Cause=Time - for some reason my reader hasn't updated since 2009 but Julio still regularly updates. A music blog which is pretty awesome

Cntrl-V - a Blog from Paste Magazine that doesn't even exist anymore probably since 2009

High Gravity - another blog that Paste Magazine had but doesn't exist... there was an update in December. But very infrequent and not enough to keep subscribed to it.

MileHive:  an online journal about politics, culture and stuff that my friend Mike used to run... no real design left on the site, but it looks like the articles are still there.  

ScottSpeaks - the online blog of Scott Fassett.  I don't know who he is or what he really wrote about other than top of the mind stuff  about our fair city of Denver and his living in it (welcome to my universe) but he seemed funny and entertaining, but the blog doesn't exist anymore at all. - access denied, subscription done.  That is that I suppose.  Looks like it was a blog dedicated to sharing rare recordings of something but nothing I remember actually

The Blablog - this was the Belmar Lab blog - they were an amazing art and culture center in the Belmar City Center that merged with the MCA Denver.  I am holding onto the archive because there are links about my friend Andrew Novick's show there, which was outstanding. If you know or know of Andrew you know why I hold onto the archive. Because it's awesome as is he.

DenverOmlette Blog - updated until April 2012.  I think I subbed to it because it was a Denver blog I don't remember

The Tomorrow Museum - I remember this being really pretty cool but it doesn't exist at all anymore at all... AT ALL... so bummer.  The last post was about a screening of the Shining that happened where they super imposed the film being played forward and backward and at the middle the scenes synched up identically further proving that Stanley Kubrick was a mad genius.  Here is a tweetpic of what it looked like: and here is a video (not the whole movie just a clip) and supposidly a mac app that will let you do this:

Denver Truth - a denver music blog that hasn't updated since 2010 but there is still an archive

28deep - the was Laurie Scavo's photoblog she did with her shoots for the Reverb. The site doesn't exist anymore.  

Electric Roulette: sadly unupdated, they were "the hip side of music" ... in fact they had a link to a 40$ Therimin

General Blogs and the like - Written by Andrew Huff... it was interesting but long not updated

Rich Sommer tumblr - he hasn't updated for a while, and yes it's THAT Rich Sommer from Mad Men

The Oatmeal - honestly his posts are reposted everywhere so no need to subscribe to here

Damn Interesting - an interesting site of factoids I really actually mostly skipped through most of it actually

Presurfer - a really great blog but too much info for me to actually keep up on actually

Congo Rangers - Rangers on a preserve in the Congo (obvs) updating the state of their charges, mountain gorillas, no longer updated and the site long gone

PassiveAgressiveNotes - updated to a new url, but I didn't know so I am going to bookmark it and check back on it later


SacreBleu! - a design blog, archived but not updated

The Coveteur - the feed doesn't really show the very interesting looks into people of notes closets and homes etc.  I will just bookmark the site

 Bluejake - the photography was great, not updated since mid 2012... I will check back periodically to see if there is anything new

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