Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Blog unsubscription information

More Blogs that I have unsubbed to:

I actually am beginning to feel like my Google reader is getting more under control.  And for this I am really breathing a sigh of relief.  It was overbearing and mentally just bringing me down. I felt like my free time was being spent "not missing out on anything" when really I might have just really been missing out on alot.  

California Callahans - Not for nothing... this is in fact A GREAT blog... I like how this young lady lives her life, how she is a teacher and educator, but I found that more often than not I skip past this in my reader.  So it's more important that I remember to go back and visit the blog in the future! And their dog is adorable... 

Food 102  - Chef Ian Kleinmans long not updated blog for his culinary ideas... sadly not updated in over a year.... I go to his main site The Inventing Room to find out what is happening there though.  I bought donuts on his last go round... it was fun, but they were overly sweet for our tastes and sadly 1/2 didn't get eaten... We will order better next time chef... promise!  

The Dog's Breakfast - sadly they haven't updated since June.  

Nobody's Sweetheart - by dyna moe (she is the artist that does the Mad Men stuff everyone goes apeshit for when the seasons start) .... now to be found on tumblr

There was this blog called Swanky Tables - now there is just a place holder for the site name sadly, they had really great links to stylists fun table settings and accouterments... sadly not updated since 2011.  Mostly wedding settings but there was a spattering of other party ideas too.  Since I am no longer in the event planning side of the business I can move on along from alot of these types of sites.  

Charles and Marie : Modern Living - unupdated since 2009, time to say goodbye ... but the site is still up (they sell modern styled items... from Europe so account for the exchange rate when you see something you might like)

All Pop's blog - an online store for things kitsch, car culture and lucha libre... the blog hasn't updated since last January and the store seems to be out of stock on almost all things so I am guessing they might be out of business.... JUST SPECULATING.... they might be around still... very hard to tell.  

Oh Happy Blog - another event planning site that 1) hasn't updated in a very long time 2) was also mostly weddings... I will say her floral design was impeccable

Danny Seo's blog - he hasn't updated this blog since 2009 either.  His website has some newer posts  on Daily Danny (see below as I subscribed to that blog...I can't help myself) 

 because I can't help myself I added the following blogs to my reader -

Storage | Glee - in my defense it really does look like it's mostly pictures and they aggregate information that I haven't seen on my other "shelter blogs", I'll see how long it lasts

La Columbe Torrefaction - because good coffee and recipes and travelogues and other things are interesting (and I do really like their coffee... too bad I can't get a wholesale account from them)

Daily Danny - Danny Seo is a interior decorator with a "green" belt.  I originally found him through a pop art kitchen he designed and his super cute dog.  I bonded.  Anyways he has great up cycling ideas and this site archives to 2006.  He posts mostly once a day during the week so it's hopefully manageable to keep up with.     


I know that there aren't alot of unsubscribed to blogs up there...but we are nearing the end of the cutting from the pack era of my blog subscriptions. Most of the other blogs that I did unsub from were mostly dead links so why bother accounting for them.  I did with one and decided without any archive or link it's not worth posting about.

I have to say with all honesty I got a TON of time back in my daily life not trying to keep up with it all.  It's really been great.  Of note, I usually scan through the major blogs like Apartment Therapy rather quickly now (mostly I am looking for decluttering posts and organizing ideas, no more clicking through each and every single house tour because at over 100 posts sometimes a day it's just too much). I do miss the days when they posted about living in small spaces and making the most of that but with age comes space I suppose.  

I tried to get F to be interested in The Sopranos so we would have something to watch on the weekends in a marathon type of situation since we blew through Breaking Bad but he didn't seem into it so we have actually been pretty light on the tv watching too.  It's not a bad thing I gotta admit.  I just wish we would read more.  

One more "of note"..... I was going to try and grow my hair out to donate one more time but I seriously can't stand it. While the hair loss due to stress has subsided for the most part I am still finding that the fact I can only do one thing (wear it down with a headband)  boring and totally uninspired. I have to stand in the bathroom with a straight iron for 30 minutes a day to even get it remotely manageable... I will never have pencil straight hair and it's not worth the time anymore.  I would rather spend the time sleeping in an extra 20 minutes and using 10 minutes for creative and quick make up application before work. So I am going back to the pixie haircut.  It's time.  Short hair.  It won't clog up my drain (and I won't have to nearly vomit when I clean out the drain because of it, the bent wire coat hanger trick works but it's so gross and I do have a drain cover but still ... ) anymore and I get the gift of time.  Next haircut appointment is like two weeks away and honestly it can't get her soon enough. 


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