Friday, December 23, 2011

 I am on vacation today for the holidays... I will have Monday off too but today is officially my vacation day.  I woke up a little later than normal and will proceed to clean the house (maybe even top to bottom).  It snowed big time yesterday so I need to shovel an area out for Herschel as well... it's hard to describe how frustrated I get when the landscaping crew doesn't read the sign asking them politely to not put the excess snow in the walk between my porch and the stairs.... but it's easy and a quick dumping spot and I can't get too mad when really they are out shoveling at 6 a.m. so we have clean walkways.  I did shovel all night so their job was a little easier and took them out hot cocoa at 6 a.m. but they still didn't see the sign.  Or ignored it.  

My goal every Christmas/Holiday break is to give myself the present of organization.  And by organization I mean less piles of papers everywhere so I have to get tot that as well through out the weekend.  F will watch tv and I can clean like a maniac and let him have control of the remote. So it's very much a win win for us all.

Great gifts for the season:
I haven't worn shoes all day
Nuns of Brixton play the Bluebird tonite (and didn't last night which would have been miserable because of the temperature and snow)
Herschel made it to Chanukah... now we are hoping he will see New Years!  He is my little miracle

Hope you all have a happy holiday season, get everything you wished for from Santa (because you have been very very good I am sure!), build great memories and have a safe NYE!

  • X O Jane - So I recently discovered Jane Pratt's most recent foray into our minds... xojane... is just the fluff my mid day reading break will want
  • Cam to Watch Herschel during the day - He has seizures and since I work so close I can watch the cam on my phone in case something happens... and so far nothing has which is really amazing and great! 
  • Creature Comforts Blog
  • EVOO Marketplace - I am looking forward to cooking great meals in 2012 and this is going to be a GREAT resource
  • Punchfork - see above about cooking in 2012

Items wish listed

Items bought
  • I actually bought a camera that my parents gave me the money to get for my birthday way back in July.  I will uncrate it on Saturday!  Very excited.
  • Holiday presents galore - mostly gift cards because that is what people actually wanted but still something really stupid to open up...
  • Oh candy and cookies from Costco... I made it on time this year! (Last year I was too late and ended up having troubles with office gifts)

Movies and TV watched
  • Found that Southland is starting up again so I have set Steevoh up to record
  • Found out today that the Tom Waits episode of Austin City Limits is airing here on NYE... set Steevoh up to record
  • Bad Santa - yeah for a first time watcher... I found it really pretty sad actually... can I make you a sandwhich?

Books read:
  • Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants - yep Jill Soloway is pretty damned funny

Things I have cooked
  • Bacon Jam
  • Chicken with Italian dressing, carmelized garlic and sage with pasta and tomato sauce

IPhone Apps Added
(this is one of sites I go to / have in my reader and get the pointers and freebee alerts-
  • Punchfork


PS I totally have stolen this idea from the Pugly Pixel website and blog, whose design skills and tutorials are amazing!  I don't know where she finds her energy but obviously it's incredibly inspiring!

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