Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I haven't visited you in a while little blogger and for that... oops.  

I think that it's because honestly I am totally overwhelmed by the better content out there.

I subscribe to a gabillion blogs and find so much more valuable information out there than what I could even pretend to want to provide.  I am not a crafter - so I can't share those things, I cook - but barely remember to take pictures of what I make, I take pictures - but post to flickr (see that sidebar... check it) so what really is there to share?  

Not going to go into details of my personal life so..... huh... that leaves me at this MAJOR crossroads right?  What to do what to do?

So... I will try and remember to post I do promise that.  I have that adorable list that I ganked from Pugly PIxel (ps I wish I could adopt her templates but I don't have domain) so that might be the best I can do for a while.  And believe me it isn't because I don't have something going on... I just don't know that it is worth taking up valuable webspace with you know?

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