Thursday, December 29, 2011

Product review...

I got very excited last week when a client brought me pre-made cookies, wrapped in box for gift for the holidays.  I was so excited because the descriptions on the box sounded amazing.... really.

Now I know that cookies do dry out and there is a shelf life of like 5 days from being baked to when it's over... but at 6 days after I figured that my client got the gift to when I got them... these were like little hockey pucks.  TERRIBLE and dry and disappointing big time.

The box of 6 cookies and four brownie/blondie bars were $25.00... !!! That is some serious bread for less than a dozen cookies.  

Sorry CookieGood (whose motto is "everyday should be cookie good") your packaging ... delightful... your product was terrible.  

Last night I even thought huh... let me see if I can take this cookie out of the plastic ziploc baggie that I put them in to try and soften them up and pop in the microwave for like 10 seconds would work.  I bit into the Red Velvet cookie... and want to know what I tasted?  Red Fucking Food Dye.  These were not cocoa flavored like Red Velvet is supposed to taste... this tasted like Red.  Terrible and completely disappointing. So much so I actually spit it out in the kitchen sink.

Then noticed... the red stain quickly appearing on the enamel of sink.... not so nice.  

The Clorox Soft Scrub would have tasted better and definitely been softer.

Trust me everyday IS in fact cookie good in my world but these made baby jebus cry just a little.

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