Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Short of It: U2 at Invesco Field was amazing...

So yeah, last night F took me to see U2. It's been over 20 years since I last saw them live.  And it was pretty amazing.  Not just for the spectacular-ness of the show production but being there in a stadium with over 70,000 people all there for the same thing was really pretty amazing. 

It was a good set filled with deeper catalouge hits and just a few of the newer songs that I had never heard.  The last record that I bought from U2 was the Joshua Tree, so hearing everything I hoped to was really great. 

F treated me to an amazing show and I am lucky enough to be part of seeing alot of shows and this was absolutely spectacular. There is some grumbling out there that it was more about the production, but I will say to those folks saying it was just fair to suck it up and realize that this was a great spectacular and everything was put out there for our entertainment and it worked!  I was entertained and can actually say that thanks to F I am a renewed fan!

I will wrap it up again with some other pictures on Blathercakes but I want to just make it of note: U2 was really pretty amazing!

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