Sunday, June 05, 2011

The week in links....

In an effort to try and post something that I might find interesting one day when I go back to read this in the future... I am going to give this a try I think I saw it or something akin to this style on or somewhere in my reader feed. Thought it might be worth a try - :

Things I did this week:
  • Enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday by waking up with F and going to Lucille's for a Carlin County, some fabulous Iced Tea (and a bite of Pain Pardu with the magical caramel bourbon sauce)
  • Started a new book - One Day (in earnest actually, it's been on my nightstand for weeks being read a couple of pages at a time...I am hunkering in to finish it). *finished it and will not see the movie... I can't imagine either of these actors as the characters... sorry Anne Hathaway you are not who I would picture as Emma. 
  • Finished A Visit from the Goon Squad (which I thought was boring) 
  • Made a list to use my gift card from Twist and Shout that my brother gave me like two years ago... 
  • Downloaded a game for my IPhone and played it - Stupid Zombies (my brother had it on his google tablet and I fell hard-it's pretty awesome) (there is a cheat sheet that I am not going to use, I want to figure it out myself, but someone actually did this which is nuts)
  • Made some amazing steaks to complete my steakkaytion
  • cancelled two credit cards, one I haven't used since I bought my appliances a year ago and the other which I haven't used in three years and the name for the department store has changed since then, which I thought was closed but wasn't - called up my credit report and saw it was still open... ooopsie daysie... zonk that one is goners too.

Cleaned off my dvr of any upcoming tv shows that would have recorded re-runs that I have already seen:
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey (not in reruns but I just can't take it, it's really an awful show besides Vulture is recapping which is a better use of my time and probably much funnier)
  • Grey's Anatomy (yeah I am done, it's over for me sorry but it's annoying)
  • Damages was still on there but I think it's over
  • Law and Order (no new episodes, it's time to come off the dvr) (oh and actually all the subsets too)
  • Perfect Couples, yeah I recorded that, it's embarrassing, but it was kinda funny
  • Mr. Sunshine - it was ok but I don't think it's coming back, so donsers from my dvr
  • Shows I will add back when the new seasons begin:  Mike and Molly, The Closer, Rescue Me, The Thursday shows on NBC, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Happy Endings, 60 Minutes, Castle

I did add to my dvr though:

  • Extra Virgin with Gabrielle and Debi (I have followed the show since the online version... and they are both hot) - I am going to admit that this is the only scheduled recording for the next four weeks on the dvr! Sweet Bliss! - I am excited to have some time not watching tv!

Things I cooked:
  • Chocolate balls
  • Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
  • spinach salad with baked crispy prosciutto and herbed goat cheese
  • an amazing salad with fresh snap peas and a sesame ginger dressing with the remainder of the goat cheese
  • pizza bagels - a guilty pleasure
  • sourdough bread toasted and grilled with olive oil with a avocado and parmesan tampenade type thing (it's all I had in my fridge that sounded good at the moment and was delish
  • tried to make dulche de leche but sadly failed... I will try again
Concerts and shows I went to:

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