Monday, January 03, 2011

What no facebook?  Yeah um I am off the face book.  and normally on a day off like today I would be tied to my laptop constantly checking it, wanting to know and see and check.  And I haven't missed it at all.  Nope.  Honestly.  I was talking about my reasons for getting rid of my account and a friend said to me that I am "so brave".  Brave?  Really?  Not brave.  I just have better things to do with my time, thankyouverymuch.  The people that I really give a shit about are going to call me or email me anyways so really I don't need to play this game of communication via a public website.  I walked away from LiveJournal lo' those many years ago and didn't look back and honestly I don't think that I will look back to facebook and wonder "should I log back on and make a new account?".  Nope really I don't think that I will. 

So I bid you aideau fair facebook. You were fun. And yes I was super addicted for a while.  But now... I ripped that bandaid right off and it wasn't all that painful actually.   I was an early adopter, found about you right after you went public post university system.  It was really interesting.  Congratulations for all you successes and I appreciate your employing my cousin, but I think your world domination stops with me.  I am really really most looking forward to the time that I get back. 

I plan to read books instead.

This week I will be reading:
I was told there would be cake by Sloane Crosly

The reviews are slightly tilted towards this being a self indulgent fairly dull book but really what I am looking for is light reading.  Short chapters based on essays is fine by me.  I will NOT review or post an opinion about anything I read, you can just assume that I will enjoy what I am reading for the sake of enjoying reading something that entails more than 140 characters (re: twitter) or 350 characters (re: facebook's character limit). 

I am happy to break up with facebook.  I am sorry that D, Rocky and Jerri will be miss me (according to what facebook told me when I deleted the account, and seriously... I very much doubt of all the people I have listed as a friend on facebook that Jerri will miss me at all, not that she isn't lovely, she is, but she won't miss me on facebook for a hot minute). I look forward to having real relationships and real communication. 

My heart goes out to those in Queensland Australia who are dealing with the tremendous floods and the aftermath that have hit them.  When you are sitting in front of your computer, looking at facebook, reading about someone's latest event... think of those people who may have lost their homes.  Don't forget Haiti.  Don't forget those in Afganistan that have their villages torn apart by a war that no one will win.  Then reconsider how you are spending your time and step away from the computer and do something to better yourself and thus I am going to guess... better the world. 

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